Dead jazz musician thinks outside the box at own funeral...

24 July 2012

Planning to die soon? Looking to do something a different at your own funeral? Maybe you should take some tips from New Orleans jazz musician ‘Uncle’ Lionel Baptiste, who hung around in full view as opposed to hiding away inside a stuffy coffin.


The former 80-year-old was embalmed, dressed and stood up so that mourners good get one good last look at him before he disappeared forever. Some guests made the mistake of thinking they were looking at a waxwork dummy of Uncle Lionel and had to be informed otherwise.

The idea was hatched by several of his children and it isn’t clear whether or not the singer and drummer had any idea what was happening. Well, obviously he had no idea what was happening, but you know what we mean.


  • samuri
    jazz is shit
  • Chewbacca
    @samuri (so , you can't even spell your own username? wow...) It has been proven that those of limited intelligence simply cannot "follow" more involved pieces of classical and jazz music. So yes, jazz would be shit in your eyes as you simply lack the mental capacity to fully appreciate it. Also, you're a fucking moron. Hope this helps!
  • Ambulance C.
    Jazz = five black guys all playing different things.
  • Hand S.
    I love jazz. So much so that I subscribe to a Jazz Mag every month.
  • Corporal P.
    I too subscribe to quite a few Jazz mags but my personal leanings are more towards scat.
  • Nick O.
    I've had trouble finding Jazz mags appropriate to my tastes, but I really like the precedent this guy is setting!
  • Nick O.
    I've got a stiffy over that stiffie!

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