Dead classy - the urn that looks like its inhabitant

Why did no one think of this one before? Well, apart from the obvious fact that it’s pretty twisted.

When you’ve got an urn on the mantelpiece containing the ashes of a dead loved one, what do you see when you look at it? Just an old urn? Right. Before long, you forget what they even looked like when they were alive and start to remember them as just an urn perched on the shoulders of a human being.

Not any more, thanks to the sharp-brained types at Cremation Solutions. They’ll take your photos of your dead spouse or parent and make a personalised urn that looks kind of like your beloved corpse. Remove the top of the head, bung the ashes inside and it’s almost like they didn’t actually die. Almost.

Cremation Solutions say that the 'personal urns' are a 'new and exciting' way to memorialise your loved one and a full-sized head will set you back just £1,600. Yes, you read that right, a full-sized head. As everywhere these days, digital hair costs extra. Bah!



  • DF
    The interesting thing, not mentioned in the article, is this... 'Now we can create a custom urn in the image of your loved one or favorite celebrity or hero.' The possibilities are endless.
  • Wonkey
    Sounds horrible!
  • Amanda H.
    I've got a secondary use for this. I come across a lot of spare brains in my travels, these will be Ideal. Thanks BW!
  • Amanda H.
    Oh, can I also mention, the "advert" for BW on hotukdeals is rubbish since that dealspawn thing, I like to visit the Homepage here first. That dealspawn is poo also, what was it yesterday, "here is the box art for a psp game". WTF? W.T. Fecking. F? Who feckin cares about that shit? Are there really people wanking off when they see previously unseen packaging art? Do they get excited to post this as "news"? I better buy a pallet of those brain jars, I might be busy this week.
  • Tom P.
    Amanda Hugginkiss, i agree with everything you say.....and i love you (assuming you are a female)
  • veedubjai
    OMG! This is bad taste. Imagine, try waking up half asleep with a full-size head urn on your bedside table. This is freaky. What next? Keyring to carry around with you at all times of a lost loved member of family's ashes.
  • goon
    Tom Pickering, i agree with everything you say…..and i love you (assuming you are alive)
  • Nobby
    Why not have the photos done before you die, that way loved ones get the younger version when you die, rather than the version that looks like a corpse.
  • Mike e.
    For a cheaper, homamade option, you could cut the head of the recently deceased and wob the top of the skull off like a boily eggy weggy, although, you will need to relocate the head to the cupboard should a member of her majestys Police arrive.
  • Emails B.
    [...] all death-related consumer developments. Last week, we brought you news of a new type of urn, one custom-made to look just like the dead person whose ashes reside inside it. [...]
  • Jammie G.
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