David Beckham boosts Lego sales! Or does he?

15668712 Sing it loud, sing it proud, David ‘Becks’ Beckham has SAVED the glorious brand that is Lego – and it’s all thanks to an anecdote on the last ever Friday Night With Jonathan Ross show.

While comfortably ensconced on the Ross sofa, Becks revealed how he passed the spare time as a Milan player by painstakingly building the Lego Taj Mahal kit, to the delight of the viewers and no doubt the bigwigs at Lego.

A few sums and a hastily-cobbled-together press release later and the news that the Lego Taj Mahal has had a 663% sales increase are all over the popular press. In fact, the Lego heads are so pleased that they’ve invited the Beckham clan to their headquarters in Billund, an offer that sounds good but that we’re almost certain will be declined.

Hang on – at first glance, a 663% sales increase seems mightily impressive, but no actual sales figures have been quoted. What if Lego had only sold three Taj Mahal kits on the day before Becks plugged the thing on BBC1? That would mean the quoted increase would translate to about 20 Taj Mahal kits flogged the day after. Oh. So what then, we all roar. A few Beckham-obsessed uberfans have bought the kit in order to be like their hero and that’s that.

It’s another example of the traditional mass media running hog wild with a complete non-story in a desperate attempt to make themselves seem important and hang on to their readers. Or sensationalist nonsense like this.

If you want to really know where it’s at, stick with Bitterwallet – your go-to website for price sticker fuck ups and ropey actresses pouring Perrier water down their tits.


  • Moon
    No wonder you guys called yourself as Bitter, coz that's what you guys are! No matter how much of the Lego model were sold on that day, the FACT is that David Beckham have unconsciously HELPED RAISE the sale of the product, which was maybe normally sold only one or two sets per day to 20, TWENTY SETS per day!! And that is MORE THAN DOUBLE the sale!! You guys are just a bunch of sad people!!
  • Internet T.
    Hi Moon - I think you should switch to decaff for a while.......
  • The B.
    Moon, presumably it's because your face looks like your arse, you certainly spout something that would point to it.
  • bob b.
    reckon you could fit that enormous death star and all the extras up moons crack.....
  • Nobby
    Fuck me. That model is £200. And it doesn't even come with a lego model of Princess Di.
  • Junkyard
    "No wonder you guys called yourself as Bitter, coz that’s what you guys are!" Fucking genius.
  • Bluefields i.
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  • Beezer
    I've checked and Moon is right. 20 is definitely more than double 2
  • Nobby
    Although 1 (or 2) is defintely not 3.
  • Ten B.
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  • Cptn. W.
    moon is a dumb oik and beckham is a has been.
  • LEGO 1.
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