Top model falls foul of Tesco PJ ban


The Tesco ban on pyjamas has reached its critical mass – the celebrities have got caught up in it!

Danielle Lloyd, model, WAG and former Celebrity Big Brother irritant, has claimed that she was asked to leave her local branch of Tesco in Theydon Bois, Essex after her Juicy tracksuit top (it’s a label, non-fashionistas) was mistaken for pyjamas by a security gonk.

Ms Lloyd told her avid followers on the international Twitter service…

"Just went to Tesco and the man says to me, 'You can't wear pyjamas in here'. I said, 'I ain't got pyjamas on'. He said, 'You sure?' Cheeky **** – Juicy tracky, it's Sunday. They must think they're posh. I know I am terrible but I don't care what I wear to the shops."

Tesco in Cardiff recently imposed a ban on customers in nightwear, although the ban is not nationwide and there have been no other reports of a ban in the Theydon Bois branch of the megamarket.

The fact that Danielle is poised, gazelle-like, to launch her own range of tracksuits in the Spring is in no way related to this story.


  • Joff
    How does the ban affect those that sleep naked?
  • Jase
    I heard it was some other Z-list that one Celebrity Big Brother...the rest will associate themselves with any news story that's doing relatively well, just keep their name and mug in the red-tops.
  • Brizoh
    Surprised she had clothes on at all... She's normally naked and flat on her back, wearing nothing but a footballer.
  • Maude
    ‘I ain’t got pyjamas on’ - nice command of the English language. Filthy slag!
  • Shopdis F.
    Maude, maybe but how many men would say no? I would love to ride that dirty slagggg!
  • Klingelton
    she'd be like a wizards sleeve.
  • Jase
    or like a Hippo's yawn
  • Junkyard
    "I know I am terrible but I don’t care what I wear to the shops." That's an amazing co-incidence Danielle, because I also know you're terrible, and I don't care what you wear to the shops either.
  • Adam
    Like throwing a sausage up a close... Oh wait, that's Jordan. Wizard's sleeve is probably close enough then.
  • Ian
    Like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.
  • PhilthyPhil
    Like throwing a sausage down the Clyde tunnel.
  • Andy D.
    Like firing a rabbit down a motorway. Sorry, I'm not very good at this...
  • Mike U.
    'Top Model' says who
  • milky
    ..Tesco is for wankers anyhow, even their "finest" range does not touch Waitrose for quality. ..which therefore makes for an awful lot of wankers in the uk & further afield, I should be clear though they dominate the marketplace, they advertise like hell, so alot of fools are simply duped to shop there. I laugh at the swarm of fools rabbing items off the reduced section at my local store (when forced to shop there for deals I cannot refuse only courtesy of HOTUKDEALS,..then leave, as the price for reduced items appear bargains having 10p slashed off the mark up price for tat questionable quality. never encounter jostling in waitrose, it's polite as are the staff, ..compared to tescos which is a scrum with the scum more often than not!
  • rohit
    I LOVE HER FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.She's just damn sexy,cute,hot.
  • rohit
    Ahh...............................................I want to fuck you babe
  • Bianca G.
    @coltsuperocean10 Fuck me, you're even more of a loon than I thought!
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