Daily Mail: The more you kick it, the stronger it gets

daily mail The Daily Mail are growing stronger and stronger, thanks to everyone's combined hate. Online, the Mail is a tour-de-force, gobbling up all the traffic thanks to a mixture of blanket coverage of absolutely everything and winding everyone on Earth up to the point where we all grind our teeth to dust.

It's a potent business model and they're reaping the rewards, with the MailOnline’s advertising revenues increased by £5m to £14m in the three months to December. While other newspapers worry about going out of business, thanks to relying on print press, the Daily Mail are aiming to become the Emperor Palpatine of the Internet.

That said, even in printsville, the Daily Mail (and The Mail on Sunday) still rake in £53m in advertising (which fell by a paltry £1m), according to figures from the Financial Times.

Of course, the Guardian are trying to do exactly the same thing at the Mail, only from a left wing angle, with their targets the Tories and UKIP and the kind of people who think in nationalistic terms. Naturally, they're both as bad as each other, but will both continue to be wildly wealthy.

Either way, thanks to Twitter and Facebook hate, the Daily Mail is growing ever stronger, so to those who are outraged by it on a daily basis, well done, you're creating a very profitable cash pit for your arch-enemy.


  • Gherkin M.
    At least they don't have Feral Trolley of the week just boobs out on the right , literally and metaphorically speaking
  • jim
    i go to the mail to laugh at the sad comments people make...
  • Mark F.
    WTF have you lot got against my trolley? Don't you recognise artistic genius when you see it?
  • Joulupukki
    Ah, The Guardian. The paper that protests against tax avoidance whist paying almost no tax. The paper that hates trust funds and offshore havens so much that their Scott Trust is based in the Cayman Islands, purely for research of course. The paper that campaigns against private schools whilst the majority of its board and editorial team are complete strangers to state education. May their cross-denominational, meat-free and gender-neutral God bless them all.
  • Davey M.
    @ Joulupukki That only serves to show that it's a more proper media outlet than most. There should always be a strong degree of journalistic independence, which as you point out the Guardian clearly has, with their journalists calling for changes that will an adverse impact on their employer. But don't worry, best you go back to your Sesame Street DVD.
  • People P.
    "The Daily Mail <> growing stronger and stronger" by rotting your brain?

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