Customers who bought flavoured condoms also bought...

Currently ranking high on right now, is a tantalising glimpse into the lives of individuals who prefer to order their geronimo's online. By tantalising we obviously mean not in the least bit surprising.

It's all thanks to Amazon's sophisticated recommendation algorithms that let us drill deeper into the spending habits of customers who want to drill deep. So can you guess what might be amongst the other items bought by people too embarrassed to pop into Boots when preparing for some yankee doodle?

It's there for all to see on Amazon (scroll down the page and check out the also bought items), but in case it disappears for some reason, click here for Digg's screengrab.

All this pillow talk (and Andy's recent uncovering of lubed-up YouTube gems) also compels us to relive our least favourite cinematic memory of the late 1980s:



  • Christopher
    Halo 2! rofl....
  • acecatcher3
  • Esther82
    Resident Evil: Code Veronica is secksy....
  • telboy007
    Nothing I like better than wearing johnnies while I play me xbox games.
  • tellme
    That link does not work, but the Customers who bought X also bought Y is predetermined by the store and not a representation of the actual purchases made by customers.
  • Andy D.
    Did he say 'comdoms'? And how does he know what the condoms of today are like? Eh??
  • Nick
    A pack of condoms and a pack of verbatim DL disks! Is that for a no mess fun time after burning some P0rn videos.
  • Amazon B.
    [...] excellent find from emmajk42 in the HUKD forums, and another shining example of Amazon’s Customers Who Bought This… [...]

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