Customer sets Trading Standards on a prostitute...

It turns out customer service really is king, no matter what industry you’re in. A London man has lodged a trading standards complaint with Harrow Council, after a prostitute refused to have sex with him. He probably reckoned he wasn’t getting the product as advertised.

In an all-seriousness complaint, the unnamed man filled in the relevant council complaint form “pretty seriously”, and gave his full contact details. He was aggrieved after travelling in to Harrow from a neighbouring borough, and wanted redress for the valuable time he had wasted on the fruitless trip. Both the lady in question and her employer were named in the complaint.

Unfortunately, the poor man was left unsatisfied (again) after council workers were unable to help the man with his complaint, as the services he required are not covered by Trading Standards regulations.

Harrow Council leader Susan Hall, told GetWestLondon: “Prostitution may be the oldest profession in the world, but a complaint of this sort is a new one on us. The trading standards manual doesn't really cover it.”

“I would like the gentleman involved to visit Harrow again, but perhaps this time he could enjoy some of our more wholesome pursuits - like our wonderful open parks, leisure centres and historic churches.”

Anyone wishing to try their own luck and see whether they come up to this lady’s exacting standards may be disappointed- the brothel where she worked is now being closed down. There’s always one who has to ruin it for everyone…


  • Bill
    Would an FOI request allow us all to read the complaint in its entirety?
  • HowDareYouBlockMyComments
    That guy must have had a serious hygiene problem or some such to get refused like that!
  • Laszlo
    Well it sure is "nice" that the government is basically telling this consumer to go himself. Don't you like knowing that the government will only come to the aid of those people it feels are worthy? What's next? You're only allowed to defend your life with a firearm if you're in the police or the military?? Oh wait...London...yeah, they already do that.

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