Currys pay by the goal during World Cup, but will you score?

It's nearly time for the World Cup, and as usual the Bitterwallet team will be backing England all the way to the Quarter Finals, when some catastrophic injury / referee's decision / ghastly defending will see our chances pissed up the wall. Perhaps you could be a big winner regardless, courtesy of Currys.

The retailer is running a promotion online and in-store between now and the beginning of the World Cup on 11 June; if you buy a TV, you'll get £10 back for every goal England scores during it.

Bitterwallet - Cash for Goals at Currys

There are, of course, terms and conditions to make it trickier for Currys to part with the cash. The TV purchased has to cost at least £599 or more. Once bought, you must register your purchase online within three days - if you don't, you can't claim your cash back. After the tournament, you have to print off registration documents and post them within a fixed time frame too. It's all feels like an unnecessary dick about (Currys has details of all the transactions and when they occurred), but there we are. Also, penalties and own-goals aren't included.

Assuming you can be arsed, how much money are you likely to receive back from Currys? Football's a funny old game, but England have been consistent in their mediocrity; in the past ten tournaments they've qualified for, England has reached the Quarter-finals six times. If you consider the history of the UEFA Championship, the record is far worse, with England reaching both the Semi-finals and Quarter-finals just once a piece.

Look at the betting on offer, and it's possible that England will make it to the Quarter-finals; Paddy Power offers odds of 1/20 for England to win their group in Round 1, although they would then be likely to meet Serbia in the final 16, the team that beat France in qualifying. Let's ignore that point, and assume England play at least five matches including the Quarter-final.

How many goals per match might England score? There are loads of stats at this point that you can ignore or pay attention to;

  • on the last six occasions that England reached the Quarter-finals of the World Cup, they scored an average of six goals
  • assuming England plays Serbia in the final 16 and France in the Quarter-finals, if we compare England's historical performances against the opposing teams in all international matches, then the averages suggest England scoring 11 goals (although a handful of these are penalties and own goals) - we've no playing record against Algeria, so a single goal was added for the win
  • the highest number of goals scored by one team in a World Cup tournament was 27, by Hungry in 1954
  • the most goals per match in a tournament was 5.38 goals in 1954;  the fewest goals per match was 2.21 in 1990

While it's be nice to think England will score five goals clear every match and go all the way to the final to earn you £420 from Currys, that won't happen. England are third favourite to win the World Cup by Paddy Power's betting, but they've got to get past Spain and Brazil.

The reality is you can jump all through the hoops to register and claim your cash, but you may not see a return of any more than £60 to £100, which doesn't sound as impressive as the promotion initially sounds. Of course, once the election is out the way, the country and media will throw itself into the next big thing and you'll feel so damned patriotic you'll believe Rooney can score a dozen goals or more; at least, that's what Currys are banking on. If you desperately need a new telly for the World Cup and Currys can offer a better deal than anywhere else, then £60 cashback (when you eventually receive it in August) is fair enough; otherwise, it's not as great a bung as it might initially sound.


  • MrRobin
    Good analysis, thanks. Was thinking about how much you were likely to get when I saw this ad the other day. I figured £100 was fairly certain but now I can see that it's likely to be less...
  • Junkyard
    Hungry? Yeah, I'm a bit peckish myself.
  • Mr G.
    Just check first that it's not on goal difference... Oh, Hull City, how you let me down!
  • Ralph M.
  • Paul C.
    If you combine this with Sony's £150 trade in on your old CRT telly, you'd be quids in. Though I'm not sure if Currys participate in that promotion. Anyone else know?!
  • Paul S.
    If they do, their t&cs stop you taking advantage of it: 2.12 This promotion cannot be redeemed in conjunction with any other discount, offer or promotion whatsoever.
  • Steve
    Yes they are taking part in the Sony trade in offer. And perhaps it may not be a massive deal, but it is trying to get into the spirit and excitement of the world cup. So, maybe someone who was buying a tv anyway might end up quids in, maybe not? However, I do also know that the sony trade in offer AND the World Cup promo can be used in conjunction with eachother. COME ON BITTERWALLET, SURELY YOU CAN COME UP WITH BETTER STORIES THAN THIS?
  • paynowbuylater
    im fairly sure you can get an xbox 360 arcade for £50 with any tv in the same deal..
  • JackWoods
    You can get an XBOX360 arcade with any TV over 599 but that invalidates the cashback offer. Ive just purchased a TV for 599, it was cheaper than anywhere else so if i get anything back ill be happy. Who knows, England may stuff one of their group opponents and earn me some cas, ill defo be cheering much louder! I agree with the T&Cs rubbish though, they've deliberately made it as hard as possible to claim, and worse, you have to send your receipt which may leave you short if you need a warranty claim etc...
  • Vicky
    Don't worry too much about the receipt, the T&Cs say you can send in a copy, so it seems like you can hang onto the original.
  • O2 B.
    [...] in Brazil won’t be putting out the same offers. We recently turned Statto to delve into Currys’ Cash for Goals promotion on televisions costing over £599 – and decided it probably wasn’t worth [...]
  • speedski
    where's Hungry and how did they score so many goals if they were undernourished?
  • Dave J.
    Can you still make a claim if you buy the TV on a payment plan?
  • karen
    Has anyone ACTUALLY received the cash promised by Currys. I bought 2 TV's, did the registration thingy, sent it off with the correct paperwork, and after 12th July, but NO CASH on either mine or my mum's forms. Can you complain, doubt it, no responsibility for loss of forms, etc. Well that means that they can disregard about 40% of the applications dont u think !
  • Jock S.
    what its like ... havin a RONI

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