Currys Engineer Gets In A Slight Fix

More grief for Currys – they’re now having to waste valuable resources getting their engineers freed from the homes of customers who have taken them hostage.

Tracey Fox of Co. Durham (below right) barricaded the door and refused to let the repairman leave after becoming exasperated with her repeatedly-knackered washing machine.

She said, “The company had already cancelled on me four days earlier and I was already annoyed about that."

"When they eventually sent someone round, he said it was because of a two pence piece and started to pack up all his gear."

Tracey then blocked his exit and told him he should ring the police if he wanted to get out. When the cops did eventually arrive, the dispute was settled with no arrests made.

There’s a happy ending to this one, as Currys have replaced Tracey’s washing machine and given her with a new one. It's too early to say whether she’ll fill this one with coins as well.

The lesson here is that, if you buy an appliance from Currys and take out a warranty, it could be wise to invest in some bondage gear and a gimp mask too, so you can truss up any half-arsed engineers who they might send out in the event of a fault.


  • Mike H.
    I was going to say, I wouldn't mind being held hostage until I've 'serviced' her 'washing machine' because she had been feeling dirty for 4 days, then I saw her picture then thought... nah, a Fox, she ain't. By the way love, you put your coins in the machines at the fuckin' laundrette not the one at home! dumb bint.
  • Chris H.
    "Currys have replaced Tracey’s washing machine and given her a new one" Two washing machines then?
  • Andy D.
    Good spot. Duly edited.
  • fanpages
    @Mick Hock [ha ha]: Do not worry... Currys gave her one anyway. BFN, fp.
  • Da R.
    Punctuation Police here. Thanks Chris Hill for notifying the correct authorities to Andrew Dawsons offence, I would also like to bring to your attention, Mr Dawson, a secondary, very serious offence, one that should see you struck off and put on the Punctuation Offenders list, you've not comletely encapsulated your first quotation, you utter pillock! I draw your attention to exhibit A: She said, “The company had already cancelled on me four days earlier and I was already annoyed about that. Where is the second quotation mark?!?! I recommend that you correct this mistake very soon... or else...
  • Disneyfan
    Typical of DSGi Engineers. 2 yr old plasma TV, screen starts to go so call an engineer. Took 3 visits before they even did anything (wrote down the serial no first time, didnt bring any parts second time!) in total 6 visits to fix it, and even then they were out of contract and should have been taking it away for exchange not repairing it. I seriously think it only got fixed because I went nuts at the customer service guy on the phone and the engineer thought I was going to do the same as this lass! (I completely lost it as when the engineer came to pick it up for exchange he arrived in a corsa. Its a 42 inch screen. Its Flat screen not Flat packed for gods sake so he couldnt fit it in!)
  • Sam
    So the woman who is clearly stupid.. puts a 2P in the machine and breaks it, then kidnaps someone, and wastes police time.. and got a free washing machine out of it!? If I was currys I'd have told her to get stuffed and encouraged the engineer to press charges.
  • Ela
    To Sam: We don't know why there is a 2p coin in the machine but in the woman's defence her machine had been broken since last year 2008 Feb so why couldn't all those bloody engineers Currys keep sending out FIX the stupid thing? Clearly something was wrong with the engineers also.
  • Andy D.
    Hey, Punctuation Rozzas - "Thanks Chris Hill for notifying the correct authorities to Andrew Dawsons offence" There should be an apostrophe in 'Dawsons'.
  • I F.
    Ela Or she could have realised there was a 2p stuck in the damn washing machine. Do warranty's cover acts of incompetence? So If I put an axe through my plasma, then call currys to come out and "fix it", when the engineer comes around to take a look, laughs and duly tries to leave seeing the axe poking through the screen. Should I a) admit I'm a twat , and enquire at the local loony bin for vacancies. b) barricade my house, and ensnare the techie using an array of ann summers bondage paraphernalia, a sawn off shotgun and call the police, making sure if the guy twitches, he gets buckshot soup? This calls for a BitterWallet Poll!
  • err
    Obviously the 2p was a coin left in a trouser/coat pocket whatever, she did not PUT it in there on purpose, seriously use your damn brains people. Everyone has made the mistake of forgetting to empty a pocket or two at leats once.
  • Amanda H.
    Brains? What's Faggots got to do with this? Oh, Currys!
  • WiW
    2p or not 2p is not really the question.
  • Da R.
    Shit... Yes, that is correct Mr.Dawson (any relation to the deceased comic genius?) However we would like to point out, that it should read 'at the end of Dawsons' and not 'in' as you stated in your defence. We would also like to point out that you are using US English where the full stop is placed inside the quotation marks, in UK English punctuation law, the full stop resides outside. However, on this occasion, we would like to inform you that you are free to go, there will be no charges brought against you and your poor punctuation skills. Da punctuation Rozzas, evnin' all. Remember kids if you can't use commas, you'll get bustded by da rozzas.
  • Chilliman
    Currys shouldn't have done anything, the machine breaking down was her own fault for thinking it was a piggy bank!
  • Amanda H.
    By looking at her picture, I think she has a lot of spare 2p coins, she seems to be using them instead of cucumber slices?
  • Mike H.
    I dread to think where the cucumber was stuffed, urrrrrrkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!

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