Currys customers hardly better off after England's World Cup

Three lions on the shirt, three goals scored in the World Cup. And that's it. Rubbish. Rampant hysteria before the World Cup began would have seen England tuck away ten in the group stages alone, and it's that sort of delusional national thinking that several retailers played on when it came to pre-tournament offers.

For example, we told you how O2 offered customers an England-branded PAYG SIM before the World Cup began, that paid a fiver for every goal scored by England or, if you were a realist about such matters, every goal scored against them. The only condition was that you topped the SIM up with £15 to be eligible. If you went with England, you'll have your credit plus another £15 in cash, and if you bet against England, you'll have the credit plus £25.

As far as bets went, it was a no-brainer because the worst case scenario was always that you'd have £15 worth of credit to spend. But ramping up expectations of the national team probably led to plenty of people taking a far bigger gamble with Currys, who offered customers £10 per England goal - if they purchased a television costing over £599. At the time, we reviewed the stats and predicted the likelihood of six goals - we can only apologise for heightening expectations ourselves - we predicted England would score a single goal against Algeria.

Somewhere, there's some poor bastard staring at a boot-shaped hole in his flatscreen, put there yesterday afternoon when he realised the can't-lose offer Currys sold him on - that the euphoria of the occasion convinced him to take - was nothing of the sort.


  • PokeHerPete
    Does anyone want to buy a 42" plasma tv? I have 10 if them...and 15 Toshiba laptops.
  • blarg
    I think anyone who bought a telly on the assumption we were gonna be banging goals in is a slightly foolish person. In all fairness, it wasn't a terrible deal if you were looking for a TV anyway. If Currys had a TV you wanted at a price that suited you with the chance that you would also get some money back, you've hardly lost anything.
  • Ralph M.
    I think Shitter wallet hadn't slagged off Currys for a few days so needed to get this one off their puny chests. SHOCK HORROR !! NATIONAL LOTTERY ASK YOU TO PUT A POUND ON WITH THE CHANCE OF MILLIONS BACK BUT MOST PEOPLE WIN NOTHING!!!! ANOTHER SHITTER WALLET EXCLUSIVE
  • Jonny S.
    Ralph Malph - why do you even bother posting?
  • Ralph M.
    I know :(
  • Steve
    So, are you usggesting that lots of people went to currys and purchased a TV based solely on the chance that England may score at least 60 goals and get all their money back, or perhaps blarg is bang on the point and these customers may have been in the market for a TV anyway. Yes, TV's can be bought on the net cheaper, yes you can go to other retailers, but if Curry's is nearest and you want it on the day, how many other places can you go? I've been a very keen reader for sometime, I look at the site daily at least once, howev
  • Steve
    Balls, hit enter by acciddent....continued: er, all this bullshit with you bitching about all things DSGi is starting to piss me off, have you personally had bad experiences with them? I say put your money where your mouth is and let everyone know what the crack is, maybe you all used to work there and got sacked for being useless gossiping timewasters? Either put up, or shut up.
  • funboi123
    Look at post number 16 on this link on HUKD Thats what I did, and Ive won £103 taking the measly £30 from Currys, and £83 from the advice in this post. Cant believe more people didnt see this and jump on....
  • Robin B.
    This just came from Twitter: O2 are honoring 'the goal that never was' as a gesture of goodwill!
  • Peter
    Strangely enough, Currys were first out with the honouring of Lampard's goal, the day after the game. Not a huge consolation for England fans, but it's reasonably generous considering I bet it's not covered by the people Currys hedged their bets with.
  • What I.
    [...] Currys customers hardly better off after England’s World Cup | BitterWallet [...]

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