Currys aim to win big. Or do an epic fail.

They might be in the financial gloop and they might be guilty of hammering their staff into selling needless add-ons to customers, but Currys love a challenge and you’ve got to admire them for it.

Their latest wheeze sees them taking on the lease of an ill-fated retail site at Lakeside in Thurrock. The 100,000 square foot lease has already seen off now-defunct Danish furniture floggers Ilva and Marks And Spencer, whose catastrophic Lifestore never even got round to actually opening its doors on the site.

Possibly while setting off party poppers and wearing a hat with streamers stuck on it, a spokesman for Currys’ parent company DSGi said: “Firstly, this makes us third time lucky and, secondly, this will be a huge concept store. If that can’t do it, then nothing can.”

You know what – we believe him. It’s that last part: “…this will be a huge concept store. If that can’t do it, then nothing can.” That’s the kind of blue sky thinking that makes all those retail management degrees seem like such a waste of time and effort.

Come on Currys – Bitterwallet believes in you! And no, we don’t want a gold fucking scart lead. Fuck off.


  • Nobby
    They are a concept store. The concept is that you check out the goods in store, then buy from someone else online. I cannot believe they base a business decision on "third time lucky".
  • Dunfyboy
    I can.
  • dora
    I dont understand why wouldnt you want a gold scart lead lol. It improves picture quality...... but obviously not for their prices, you should write your articles better
  • Nobby
    I compared a £1.09 HDMI lead from amazon and a £34.99 gold plated one that a mate had bought with my DVD player and TV. The only difference I noticed was the price.
  • Rubisco
    If we're talking scart leads, yes there can be a difference between leads as it's an analogue signal. But that difference is not made by the connectors being gold fucking plated. In fact, because of the principles of galvanic corrosion, unless the socket you're plugging it into is also gold-plated (very few are), congratulations you're actually slightly speeding up the corrosion of the important bit, your telly.
  • fuzzchopz
    The concept will be you get to play with all the BIG boy toys as well as look at them before you go buy them in a supermarket or online.
  • crofter
    Anybody gullable enough to buy one of these overpriced MONSTA leads deserves what they get really and perhaps in a sad twist of fate to be run over by a double decker bus just as they are packing their "bargain" into their car.
  • Rubisco
    @crofter Little old ladies are gullible enough. Hey everybody, crofter wants to kill old ladies!
  • Rubisco
    I think the concept might be shackling every 'guest' who comes though the door in irons, led to a dark room where they're subjected to a Clockwork Orange style 'harmless sales pitch', where they're psychologically conditioned to link not having Norton installed with images of the holocaust. Upon being led to the checkout with every conceivable add-on they are then repeatedly booted in the groin until they agree to signing over their first-born to the 'fives training camp for exceptional salesboys & girls'. Every minion in the shop is then called over to aid in handing over the reciept, any less than 200 hands on that reciept will result in each staff member being anally raped by a diamond-studded platinum HDMI cable.
  • Thecableguy
    @ Crofter - Iirc, Monster leads are from Comet not Currys. Currys sell the bargain priced Belkin Pure AV range. @ OP - And at least Currys have some experience in Megastores - the J9 store is trading very successfully and the Elkjop chain (where the megastore and new format stores have their genesis) are about the only part of the DSGi empire to turn a significant profit.
    There leads really are overpriced the only thing that would make me pay a little more is length (obvious really) and a tougher casing for it (to avoid risk of it splitting or cutting) still either way id say 10-15 quid is max id pay for a scart lead not 30+ like some of theres are.
  • HappyCustomer
  • Anonymous C.
    Sometimes i think this site is on the windup when it comes to this company. Am i going to bite? Nope.
  • Baz
    Hmmm i wonder if a gold plated scart will help the old and confused lady who was conned into buying a flaming big plasma tv for her flat with the obligatory wall bracket and possibly 5 years of cover. She didn't even want a telly.
  • annoyed
  • ben
    right i am going to clear up a few things for all you thick moaning bastards out there 1. DSGi are the most successful electrical retailer in Europe. They operate in over 15 different countries and have more stores then any other electrical retailer in the world!!! YES including the 'best buy' giants of America. 2. Dsgi were the ONLY electrical retailer on the planet that were still significantly in credit when the recession shook the world...surely proving they know what their doing???? 3. Currys and PcWorld's staff haven't been paid commission on sales since october 2006. The belief that offering impartial advice to customers was more important to DSGi then getting a bigger bonus...but of course they must still be lying to you? 4. CABLES!!!!! Anyone who is naive enough to believe that a £3 HDMi Cable from amazon will produce the same picture as a Belkin PureAV cable purchased from Currys is dillusional!!! Think about it...logically! Belkin produce the cables NOT DSGi. DSGi buy milions to re-sell because they are the best money can buy! It is inteference that causes a 'Deterioration' in picture quality caused by other electrical products giving out edicurrents. The shielding on a cable is the important thing, not the connecting end nor the price! If you connect your HD device via a £3 cable then alls you are doing is allowing a 1080P signal to be carried through to your TV to produce a deteriorated might aswell use a scart lead you muppets!!! You guys are the kind of customers that would walk into an electrical store armed with the latest 'WHICH' magazine on what to buy and swear by it. Yet you all fail to read in that same magazine that WHICH recommend you spend AT LEAST 10% of your overall purchase on CABLES!!!! So on average a half-decent, good sized LCD, LED, or PLASMA TV will cost you bewteen £600 and £900 so guess what!!!!! £60 to £90 is what you should be spending on your cables. A Black Series Belkin PUREAV Hdmi cable costs £50............ surely that means there under-priced? Simple Maths guys Question "would you buy a top of the range sports car and fill it with supermarket petrol?" if you knew anything about fuel then no you wouldn't!!!!! so why is this different? A persons lack of understanding produces psychological fear through the increased anxiety of not knowing. The first thing people do when they get scared about something is to try and stop it....STOP BEING SO NAIVE! Finally, one vital point i need to point out. If company's such as DSGi ceased to exist as half of you guys want........HOW THE FUCK WOULD YOU GET ONLINE AND FUCKING WASTE YOUR TIME MOANING ABOUT THINGS YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT BECAUSE YOU WOULDN'T HAVE A PC OR LAPTOP TO DO IT ON!!!!!!!!
  • ben
    1 thing what i forgot to mention. John Browett is the managing director of DSGi. His previous job was the Managing Director of TESCO!!!!!! He launched Tesco's online service and dominated the market. Tesco are the most succesful super-market chain in the country but a spose a leader like that wouldn't know how to turn a profit in another company?
  • Vernie P.
    enjoyed this writing!

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