Crystal Palace and P-Diddy - a marriage made in the realms of madness


Last month we pointed you in the direction of a ‘For Sale’ ad in the Financial Times that was desperately punting the severely skint Crystal Palace Football Club.

It has since emerged that leading pop star P-Diddy is an avid reader of either the FT or Bitterwallet, as he is reported to have held talks with the South London club’s administrators with a view to investing in the run-down old piece of footballing junk.

However, the administrator in question, a hip hop fan called Brendan Gilfoyle, is pouring water on the story while admitting that he'd be keen on a Diddy approach.

Diddy is said to be worth £360 million, but he needs to realise that most of that will get sucked up in the first couple of years of football club ownership if he isn’t careful.

In the meantime, we’ll leave it to other, lesser news-stealing organisations to make the joke about changing the club’s name to Cristal Palace. We’re better than that.


  • Nobby
    And instead of the Eagles, they will be called the Diddy Boys.
  • Morocco
    I hope he does, arrogant tosser will piss away his entire fortune and have to get a proper job, instead of delivering monotonous, sub-Dr. Seuss-level rhyming (that were probably ghost written) over a beat. Sample lyrics: "I ignore you, Sorry if I bore you, I neglect you, Don't mean to disrespect you Can't you see, I love you dearly, And that sincerely, But you annoy me, You can't avoid me, I'm here to stay, Forever and ever and a day, That's never." Rubbish. He deserves a harsh lesson to punish him for sullying Biggie's name with that fucking awful "Duets" postjumous album as well.
  • smashingnicey
    woooahh Morocco - something eating you or what! I reckon you need the chronic
  • Игорь
    В правильном направлении мыслите. Побольше бы таких постов.

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