Credit Crunch Crunch: This Deep Fried Mars Bars Will Do For Lunch's right, thanks to the credit crunch, our wallets and our waistbands are both being affected, claims a new Which? survey.

The research reveals that 28 million UK adults prioritise price over health when choosing food since the financial downturn, with 24% feeling that healthier eating is now less important.

The research comes as Which? launches Hungry For Change?, a 5 year report reviewing the efforts of UK government and the food industry in helping consumers make healthier choices.

The poll of 2,102 consumers revealed that 76% think the government isn't doing enough to make choosing healthier options easier.

The British Retail Consortium, however, disagrees, saying that this publicity is actually a 'barrier to people eating well':

‘Which? is actually discouraging customers from exploring healthy eating choices by pushing the myth that fresh fruit and veg are expensive. Customers should look beyond scare headlines, get into supermarkets and see just how affordable good fresh food is.’

But... I've been in supermarkets. I buy fresh food. And it's not cheap.

So who is to blame? The government or us? Is there really a lack of whole foods at reasonable prices, or are we just too lazy to make healthy food and relying on our microwaves a bit too much?

If you disagree, and know any places that serves great whole and healthy food for under £5 a meal, please share them with us. I'd personally love to know, and we can also stop starving babies to death on a diet of soy milk and apple juice. Oh wait, that's only in America.



  • Dan
    "But… I’ve been in supermarkets. I buy fresh food. And it’s not cheap." Really? I shop in Waitrose, not the cheapest of supermarkets, and I get 6 bananas for about 85p, 4 big potatoes (suitable for baking) for 99p, er, and other stuff, that doesn't really cost that much. You can easily do a decent meal, such as Jacket Potatoes, chicken, salad, and a dessert (bananas and ice cream?), for less than £2 a head. Or 4 Mars Bars (unfried). I'm lazy when it comes to cooking, but even I'm happy to do that meal. People who say they can't afford to eat fresh food, so have to buy prepacked, or MacBurgerFriedChicken, simply can't be arsed to cook. I know, I do it myself.
    Most the healthier foods such as fresh fruit veg and meat has jumped up, the supermarkets are not daft, they know we want it, they know we are getting pressurised to buy it so they hike it up to make more profit. I can cook quite well but i have noticed a big increase in the last 12 month. Fair enough it is not the governments job to make me eat healthy its my own responsibility, but if they really do want to make a change they should be looking into the profit supermarkets make and the amounts they actually pay their suppliers. and rather than spending a fortune on nanny state adverts and stupid schemes, why not give every person fresh food vouchers or something useful or incentives such as free healthy cooking lessons.
  • The B.
    "76% think the government isn’t doing enough to make choosing healthier options easier." Are these people stupid? Ready meals = crap, fresh fruit and veg = healthy (even stuff like avocados because it's essential fat), or are they saying that they’re not capable of working out that 6 packs of crisps and a mars bar doesn’t constitute a healthy lunch? Frankly, it sounds like these people should be left alone for Darwinism to take it’s course.
  • Allen B.
    87.63% of all known statistics are made up ?
  • phil m.
    A single cucumber is something like £1.30 in ASDA. Forget it. I'd rather stick a Mars Bar up her.
  • badmanz
    And trying to find healthy food to take away is even worse.
  • Pete
    It took 'Which?' 5 years to poll 2,102 consumers ?? Lazy fcukers!
  • Pete
    Also, that Mars bar in the pic is just a standard bar, NOT a DEEP FRIED bar. If you're gonna say "THIS Deep Fried Mars Bar" then at least make sure that THIS bar *IS* actually DEEP FRIED! Not to mention that you wrote "THIS Deep Fried Mars BarS" - plural. There's only ONE bar you're referring to.
  • Martin
    Easter is round the corner, so it's time for deep fried creme eggs.
  • phil m.
    nobody likes mars bars. they're always the last ones left at the end of a Celebrations box

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