Crap snapper sued over rotten wedding shots

marcsylviawed3_450x300If you’re looking for a wedding photographer to perfectly capture the specialness of your big day of matrimony, Gareth Bowers of Fresh Images in West Yorkshire might not be your man.

We all have bad days at the office (your correspondent is currently enduring his second in a row) but when you’re snapping a bride and groom, you need to be on your game from start to finish.

When Gareth snappy-snapped the nuptials of Marc and Sylvia Day from Wakefield, he didn’t do what they considered to be a top-notch job – in fact, out of the 400 or so photos he took, they professed to like only 22. Ah, not good, especially when they paid him £1,450 for the job.

A judge has agreed that Gareth’s efforts were piss-pot-poor and awarded compensation be paid to the tune of £500 plus £720 in damages, which is not quite a full refund. Well, they did admit to liking 22 of the pictures…

Among the cock-ups from Mr Bowers and his videographer for the big day were…

  • Missing the cutting of the cake, getting the backs of guests dancing instead
  • Missing the couple arriving at the reception
  • Generally being shit, taking hundreds of poorly-lit and badly-composed shots.
  • Spelling their names ‘Slyvia and Mark’ on the thank you cards that were provided as part of the service.

Mr Day described Bowers as: “the Don Quixote of wedding photography - he just doesn't believe that he can't do it."

Which we think is a very dignified and witty way to deal with the situation. We’d have called him a prick and poured sugar in his petrol tank.


  • Carlos J.
    LOL they only got £1220 compensation, I'd be after a retrial if I was them. ALL professional photographers should have insurance up to 4 Grand for weddings, I know because I am 1 and Yes I have the insurance :)
  • willphoto
    I sometimes shoot off a shot of the floor to make sure the flash is working but I wouldn't send it to the couple. It looks like he has sent them an unedited disk. Now I don't want to take sides as I have seen the six rubbish pix on the net, but surely there must have been some good ones in there? WILL
  • Darren
    Agreeing with the Willphoto, There must of have been some good ones, I mean even a child would know not to take a picture of someone with a big red van in the background. He may have had a portfolio, but then again, he could use a fake wedding, Lots of photographers do this, they setup a fake wedding and get the shots that they want to create, but in reality, your never going to get that Creative unless you have a very creative bride and groom, plus with a fake wedding you can take as many shots as you want, you can ask them to walk the aisle again etc... plus you can use pro lighting gear, stand in all the places that the Vicar wouldnt usually let you go near, take in step ladders to get those high shots etc... but in reality, you only have one chance and little time. I did some last year with a couple near some scaffolding and graffiti walls, she was shocked that I was going to take some pics of her with this as backdrop, even the groom had words with me... after she had seen the edited versions, she soon purchased larger versions of those shots. the joys of wedding photography, would love to check out his portfolio though!
  • Jase
    I gotta agree with you guys. Yes, photography is hard, it's an artform, and its the reason people pay top dollar for them on their special day. But like you guys say, with today's camera technologies an idiot could point and snap all day and get at least one half-decent shot. Btw, he did a video which he missed the bride and groom getting out of the car and knocked the camera over whilst the bride was walking down the central passageway. I bet this guy will NEVER get work again. Here's the details... Gareth Bowers of Fresh Images...Normanton, West Yorkshire. He lives in the village next to mine.
  • Tim
    I think the video clip with the camera falling over and the guy swearing has to be the highlight!
  • Dominique S.
    Now THAT'S what I'd deem an interesting thought on this subject. What I would advise perhaps is talking to other people involved in the scene and bring to light any different points of view and then update your site or create a new article for us to read. Hopefully you'll take my ideas, I'm looking forward to it! Try to cover off on some graffiti characters as well if you can, they're quite popular at the moment.

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