Coupon Hacker Bypasses Firm Lawsuit

A 43 year old American called John Stottlemire was sued last year by Coupons Inc., after sharing a simple "hack" that allowed users to download and print as many valid coupons as they want from a copy protected online coupon website. lawsuit was under the premise that Stottlemire violated a 10 year old law under the DMCA, which according to Wired, "prohibits circumventing technology to work around measures to prevent the duplication of what Coupons Inc. claimed were copyrighted materials."

"Circumventing technology?" Come on.  All this guy did was probably play around with the URL.  In fact, the workaround is still published here on his website, and the case was dismissed without Stottlemire even hiring a lawyer:

"I defended myself in federal court against a company who solicited the services of two separate law firms," Stottlemire said. "And in my opinion, I kicked their ass."

But the case raises a few  questions on issues surrounding the legality on what constitutes 'circumvention'.  Are the few of us who spend a many sleepless nights churning out variations of URLs like mad scientists finding gold on HUKD violating any laws? Are we being bad children and need our arses hauled to prison?  Can anyone get me a few £100 free Amazon vouchers?  Let's hear your opinion.

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