Could you stomach a Trenta, Starbuck's new sized drink?

Starbucks are heading down the cinematic route of quantity FTW with the launch of a new sized cup. Although for iced drinks only, the Trenta cup (or extra-large as the average person might call it) hold over 1.5 pints, almost a litre.

The new addition to the pretentiously named sizes will be rolled out across the US over the next few months; presumably the UK will have to wait until our stomach capacity catches up, as the National Post points out:

Bitterwallet - Starbucks Trenta
[National Post]


  • MrRobin
    They should serve their next size in an actual human stomach. It even has an integrated straw.
  • Milky
    Fact is a venti to be honest I order a "wet Latte" so i's brimming with actual coffee not foam often has me venturing forth to the bogs prior to stealing the cup & leaving, ..but at that size it also gets cold towards the bottom. So with that taken into consideration I'd need a re-heat & two pisses prior to even leaving the premises (with aforementioned stolen cup) ..without actually saying a word to my fellow drinkers in a relaxed atmosphere on a crumb stuffed sofa. Somewhat pointless! ..& if drunk in winter folk will be wanting another piss as soon as the cold winter air hits them, prematurely turning big cup drinkers into widdly old jokes before their time! How much is it anyway? ..& based on extra flushes required by in-store drinkers are they soon to be copying Ryan air & charging for toilets & bog paper. ..screw that i'll just do a refill & wipe with some serviettes!
  • Alexis
    They sell beer in pints now too. And it is the custom to drink more than one as well I understand.
  • Gunn
    Maybe self serve, just stick a tube down your throat and have the coffee pumped into you.
  • Marky M.
    I believe caffeine tablets are available "at all good outlets" and avoid the embarrassment of being seen paying £3 at Starbucks for dishwater.
  • kv
    they might sell more if they called it extra large, rather than giving them gay names like that
  • crap
    you can order adult human stomachs? thats disgusting!
  • Bazinga
    Do they buy human stomachs from eBay?
  • Dick W.
    Why is the name gay? Venti (20 in Italian) = about 20 fl oz Trenta (30 in Italian) = about 30 fl oz Their naming makes sense to me.
  • mein c.
    916ml is not 30 fluid ounces though, it's 31 so
  • Pedant
    presumably the capacity is 31 FL oz but as it'n not actually brimming you get 30 (admittedly can't stand Starbucks (or any other pretentious coffee outlet)
  • Dick W.
    Hence the use of "about". And what Pedant said.
  • Dave
    Nothing wrong with a larger iced coffee A. it wouldn't need a reheat (they only serve iced coffees in them?) and B. if you're planning on sitting in starbucks for a couple hours or so to do some work there's no problem having a coffee this size (people tend to sit and read or work in starbucks a lot more in the US than the UK for some reason) So that'd be my reasoning for why they'd introduce it
  • The B.
    "Although for iced drinks only" i.e. they'll just fill it to brim with ice a la Maccy D's.
  • Stefan S.
    I note with the greatest of interest that none of you complain about the size of 1L beer steins if one is presented to you by the buxom woman.
  • Girl
    Can we expect the Plenta™ (128 fl oz) and Micra™ (2 fl oz) this year too?
  • LZ
    I don't see what all the fuss is. You can buy Coke in 2 litre bottles :oS And don't get me started on those unlimited capacity water delivery systems known as 'taps'.
  • Mark C.
    I don't care what size bucket it comes in - I'm still not buying my coffee there until they stop burning the coffee beans, so that maybe then the coffee will stop tasting like someone's rinsed out an ashtray into your cup.
  • Cheapskate
    The average pop can is 330ml not 355ml. Durrr!
  • That c.
    Anything larger than a medium to small cappo / expresso / macchiato is just a MILK DRINK. 90% of the world coffee drinking population are just big BABIES stuck in the MILKY MILKY stage. They should serve them in big juicy mummy udders - that's what people seem to want. People need to man up and take it strong and taste the frikking coffee someone has quite literally slaved over in a plantation.

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