Could it soon be 'bye bye' to the legal high?

We’ve all heard the hoary old urban myths that tell of legal ways to get off your trolley – smoking banana skins, licking a toad’s back, snorting a priest’s dandruff. Don’t ask us if they work of not – the only thing that goes up our noses are knitting needles when we play ‘Touch Your Brain’ first thing on a Monday morning.

In fact, the legal high business rakes in big money for its, erm, pushers but that could all be about to end if proposed new laws are introduced. The targets are the makers of synthetic cannabinoids, namely a blend of herbs and plants that are treated with a man-made chemical that creates the same effect as cannabis.

The stiff shirts at the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) have proposed that all synthetic versions of already-banned drugs should also be incorporated into drug laws, which could wipes out scores of ads from the back pages of Viz at a stroke.

Speaking to Sky News, ACMD Chairman Professor David “Never Off His” Nutt told Sky News: “We don't really know anything about the toxicology and the safety of these synthetic compounds because many of them have never been tested in humans. This concept of 'herbal' has been completely corrupted because the herb has had a synthetic substance sprayed on to it."

But experts believe that sellers of these ‘legal highs’ would abandon banned chemicals and quickly switch to alternatives, operating one step ahead of the law. Or muggings of priests for their precious dandruff would increase dramatically…


  • Carl
    Surely it's better that these "highs" are sold by a legally responsible company than dealt in the back streets by god-knows-who? What amazes me about the whole drug debate is that it is not the drugs that are the problem, but the people (and by people I mean criminals) who distribute and deal them. Legalization removes the criminal element, distributors act within the law, standards can be put in place to create safe products, and these products can be sold responsibly to adults who can make choices for themselves.
  • Craig
    @Carl: The argument for legalisation is well known and documented. This is not quite that simple, though. The issue at hand here is the use of synthetic cannabinoids sprayed onto herbal smokables. These synthetics have not been well studied, and the few anecdotal gatherings which have been done point to users in some cases developing unpleasant paranioa. It's an unknown quantity and it's just an uncontrolled as what goes into the average clubber's saturday night sweeties. In short: it's an un-measured, untested synthetic, rather than truly 'herbal' substance - it's therefore likely not as healthy, and I can tell you from experience the buzz in nowhere near as 'nice' as the real thing. So let's not fuck about with sythetic crap, and let's get on with legalising real marijuana properly. Then let's talk about MDMA ;-)
  • admin h.
    WTF, they should stay legal, i use them every weekend.
  • meth
    Nah, forget the legals and the old 'erb and mdma. Let's cook up some meth, it's good for your brain, skin and teeth.
  • Synchronium
    Two words: Alcohol & Tobacco.
  • Tom
    Fuck smoking that crap i grow my own :-) nice organic homegrown skunk. And throw in a few class As for the weekend. Its the only way to live :-) legal highs are for people scared of their own shaddows. God knows why people pay the same price for synthetic when the real thing is just as cheap and readily avaliable
  • Chris
    So the Nanny State Labour Government is to ban Spice despite the fact it's been sold legally for years causing no harm to society whatsoever. The only people who will be rejoicing at this decision are moralising killjoys and organised criminal gangs who will sell more illegal drugs as the Government forces consumers from a legal and taxed market to the illegal untaxed black market.
  • Martha F.
    When the fuck did someone have the foresight to say "I think I'll smoke that plant, ya know, just to see what happens..."
  • Darren
    As a suplier to the public of these items I feel that I must point out that the g'ment have had no problems over the years taking corporation tax off me for selling such goods, If there concern is so "high" then maybe they should refund all the tax to the business in the uk who have paid them dearly over the years so that we can set up a new life selling something legal like tobacco and alcohol so that we can really fuck people up.
  • mooman
    I have to agree with darren!the goverment do take money no prob, however if they just legalised everything going there would be more control, more money for them, and poss better quality so less needs for black marketing! They want to ban more things, so what, they can make it safer! hasn't worked so far, seems to me that it makes things worse in the respect that there are now added extras in stuff that is brought on the street these days! contaminating it with most things it seems, this is dangerous in itself!!! you know who you are!!! plus the obtaining of the drug (thrill of the chase) can be as bigger buzz as the taking! very appealing for the younger ones or first timers!!! no one understands or menions these things !and more!

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