Could BT Vision be coming for Sky & Virgin?


If you thought that the pay-TV war was all about Sky and Virgin, then you’re wrong – the fastest-growing provider at the moment is actually BT Vision. They’ve added 41,000 customers in the three months to the end of September compared to only 26,000 for BSkyB, while Virgin Media lost almost 6,000. This time last year, BSkyB added almost 100,000 customers in the same period, so it looks as though there could be a shift in consumer loyalty.

A spokesman for BT Vision blathered some shite that we can’t be bothered to copy and paste here as we’ve decided that life’s too short and that none of us would learn anything from it. However, BT Vision is still relatively small-fry compared to its giant rivals, with 638,000 customers compared to BSkyB’s 10 million plus and Virgin’s 3.76 million.

So then – are YOU a happy BT Vision customer? Tell us what’s so spiffing about it, and maybe we’ll all grab ourselves a piece of the action.



  • klingelton
    i was a vision customer. it was an odd set up. you got freeview, but then some sky+ features and some on demand content. it seemed good at the time, but looking back on it, i always just wanted sky or virgin media (we lived in a flat and sky wouldn't install and vermin weren't installing in our area) since moving to leeds, i've been on virgin media. appart from the spiralling price, it's pretty good (will have to address that spiralling price soon)
  • Alexis
    BT? Not on your life.
  • The B.
    Nup, I'm on Freesat + download sites, I get American TV shows within a day of them being shown instead of waiting up to 9 months. Incidentally, don't bother with Terra Nova, it's shite.
  • Haggis
    Freeview, downloads and streaming the footy online here. Seems madness to pay £70 a month for what I can get free online,
  • Liam
    I've had BT vision for almost a year now. I used to have sky+ (never had virgin media) and I think BT vision is so much better than sky. I have vision unlimited at £12:50 and I love it. All the movies and tv shows I could want, I click the button and it starts. No longer being tired down to tv schedules is great. My kids love vision kids as well, all the best kids tv and loads of one hour play lists and no adverts. For me BT vision is brilliant, just a shame to many people in this day and age think in terms of channels instead of content, but that'll change one day then BT vision will really take off.
  • Craig
    I'd watch a blank screen before I gave money to BT. And yes, to my everlasting disappointment Terra Nova is shite
  • BoBo
    I had BT Vision a couple of years ago, paid about £12 a month and got a fairly good selection of shows on VoD but they were all a few years old. The freeview picture was rubbish though and my friends thought the same. The real winning point for me was ESPN was free, not sure if it still is. The main issue I had was you had to be a BT broadband customer to use it....NO THANKS!
  • Joe
    BT Vision! Wow, what a great idea, on-demand TV with a vast library, plus Freeview, all delivere... Wait, you have to have BT phone and broadband to get it? With BT, the clueless cunts who both own the entire telephone network and have no idea how to operate it, and even less of a clue as how to operate a competent billing system and whose complaints procedure consists of calling customer services, becoming psychotic with rage and then emailing the CEO because no other cunt will listen to you in the whole godforsaken company? Well it can fuck off then.
  • Evenin' a.
    I have to agree with Craig, while BT Vision sounds like it could be a good thing there is no way I would consider giving any more of my money to BT no matter how good BT Vision might be. I had nothing but trouble and overcharges when I had my phone and line rental with BT and their customer service was diabolical so I abandoned them and swore never to go near them again. I have Sky+ (no movie or sports channels) and have had no problems with it at all, also have my phone, line rental and broadband with them now and again, not one issue or problem since the day I started with them. I realise that's a minority case as most people seem to hate Sky and have lots of problems with them but they've always been great with me. Watch me get home tonight to find everything's gone tits up now that i've said that.
  • Leaflet I.
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