Condoms just got a whole load comfier

Finally, it seems that condom sizes are going to be taken as seriously as bra sizes – getting the correct fit DOES matter and any company that comes up with a self-measuring device isn’t just trying to drum up cheap publicity. No way sir.

TheyFit are here to enhance your condom-wearing antics with 95 different sizes for you to choose from. All you need to do is use the cut-out-and-keep cock measurement document (see it below and download a PDF here), then wrap it around your schlong and work out what size you are.

Next, simply order your snug-fit rubber johnnies and off you go. Perhaps you’d like to try and pull a woman by explaining just how snug your condoms really are and how you got them. They’re bound to be keen if you do.




  • Tom P.
    I'm just about to rise to the challenge (thanks to the Milton Twins) and use this piece of kit.
  • Geoff J.
    haha, those Milton twins are a pair of right little Minx.
  • pauski
    What size paper do you print it on?
  • Paul
    That's scary. Not the epic penises that would be required for G22, but that freaky wizard watermark.
  • TFEB
    lol you have no idea how many times ive had this prob of a jonny that doesnt fit right. Ill be ordering some this week. Now how to get them delivered without the gf seeing. hmmmmm
  • Harry
    So the idea is to get the size too small, then when you get them, tell her they are too small and that its best not to use it? Smart
  • lee
    haha thats brilliant....i shall try it later!!! im just wondering how many people will over-estimate the sizes?!?! actually sound like a birlliant game that....first estimate the size and then measure and post!
  • Tyler
    Lee: Why don't you just pop a nice fat cock in your mouth and get it over with - rather then invent some silly game.
  • Amanda H.
    @pauski: If your todger is small, I'd advise you print that on A6 Though, don't complain when your johnny fits your cock, balls and your 2bed semi.
  • pauski
    @amanda lol - I like your assumption that I am male.
  • Amanda H.
    Have you had an operation since we met?
  • pauski
    Just a bit of nip and tuck....
  • Maude
    Remember not to select "Scale to fit page" in Acrobat.
  • William V.
    I run a UK based company selling condoms online. We looked into getting this brand but on contacting the manufacturer we were informed that they were not currently distributing to the UK. I’d be interested in knowing from anyone who has got hold of these whether they have come as ‘novelty’ condoms, or stamped and kind of quality mark (e.g. Kitemark). If they are novelty you should beware as they do not have to pass the normal safety checks required either by UK or international standards. That said, if they are stamped as having passed the necessary checks then we’d still be interested in getting hold of these. (FYI here is a link providing information on some of the tests that are carried out by <a href=""Durex
  • Wopster
    Ouch! I've now got paper cuts all over my cock. Do you think I can sue?
  • Alex B.
    Wow, this is impressive! I once was a big fan of origami but this product has just added another Dimension to the ancient art of paper folding.
  • lee
    tyler - thats what they said when a guy first decided to blow up a pigs insides and kick it around! now everyone does it. mark my words....100years from now, it will be massive (no pun intended!)

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