Concrete play park gets new broken glass paths

Bitterwallet - Sunderland A couple of weeks ago, we told you about the ill-advised play park in Sunderland that consisted of a load of not-all-that-much-fun concrete slabs. Following the ensuing shit-storm, the local council had a rethink and started removing some of the concrete blocks.

Sadly, it’s all got a bit silly again, and some new paths have been laid… made from broken glass. The Sunderland Echo are reporting that parents have contacted them to say they had cut themselves on sharp pieces of the compacted glass, with the paper’s reporters collecting piles of the jagged glass from all over the park.

The original park makeoever cost £70,000 but replacing all of the dangerous stuff will undoubtedly see that total rise. Julie Gray, head of local community services said:

“Recycled, crushed and tumbled glass is commonly used in paths in public sites across the country, including schools. It brings in colour and vibrancy and was suggested by our designer, in keeping with the historic link to the local glassworks, as a heritage theme of the park that local people said they were keen to see. This included heritage paving tiles which, sadly, were vandalised soon after they were installed into surfaces.”

So it’s the peasants’ fault then is it Julie? We don’t know why they won’t just lay down some landmines in one section and release a live puma into another. Oh, and put in a see-saw – for the traditionalists.


  • Amanda H.
    I think they should cover up the glass with some lovely concrete. (1 part cement, 2 parts sand, 1 part crack cocaine) Kids love concrete.
  • parpparp
    "brings in colour and vibrancy" The crimson colour of blood and the vibrant screams of children lacerating themselves on the walkway.
  • One t.
    Come on Andy, see-saw's are fucking dangerous!
  • JonnySpandex
    Audi drivers aren't too bad, BMW and Merc drivers! :P
  • Morocco
    Sometimes, this shit just writes itself. LALAS
  • keith
    if they put anything decent in it only gets wrecked anyway
  • That t.
    Surely the concerete is just getting contaminated with all the smashed 'Newcy Brown' bottles the kids leve behind before going home to watch CBBC?
  • Morocco
    They don't drink proper drinks like Newcastle Brown in S*nderland. Only 9p a bottle, trampy blue pop.
  • Tony
    Would that be the Newcastle Brown, that's not even brewed there.....
  • Morocco
    Was invented there though, wasn't it. I'm sure you're already aware that Fosters is an Australian lager, yet isn't brewed (or even enjoyed) in Australia, and Nissan are a Japanese car manufacturer despite most of the UK's models being built in Tyne & Wear, England... so I'm not sure I see your point? It still retains the identity of where it was invented even if it's not currently made there.
  • wonky h.
    Keeps the foxes out.
  • James
    this is ridiculous and mind baffling at the same time, what were they thinking? or were they...
  • wonky h.
    I bet they were thinking about bumming foxes.
  • Nobby
    > glass is commonly used in paths ... in keeping with the historic link to the local glassworks They should think themselves lucky there was not a local sewage processing unit.

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