Competition to design new BP logo is well executed

You can't but feel slightly soiled and ashamed when you recall the B in BP stands for British. Yes, the fourth largest corporation in the world is pissing up to 19,000 barrels of oil per day into the Gulf of Mexico in your name. Hurrah! To celebrate our achievement in the field of oil field disasters, is giving cash to the best redesign of BP's logo.

Some have clearly been crafted by the man with ten thumbs, while others have missed the point completely and attempted a genuine redesign of the logo. There are a handful of standout designs, however, worthy of a few minutes of your meaningless lives. Since you're no doubt keen to know the Bitterwallet's office favourite, here it is:

Bitterwallet - BP redesigned logo



  • Nobby
    Fucking Americans. Give them free oil and they just complain.
  • DavtT
    Nobody mentions that it was a US company that caused this - Transocean - The US has polluted the world and now moans like a little girl because it happens in their good ole country - hypocrites - remember Bhopal - crooks
  • bennydad
    they changed it in 2000 BP now means "Beyond Petroleum"
  • Dirty F.
    Correct, they changed their name to British Petroleum ten years ago!
  • Dirty F.
    that should have read BEYOND Petroluem
  • andy y.
    NO NO NO The fuckers that caused this were the operator TRANSOCEAN. BP are picking up the tab even though they may not be responsible. Obama is behaving like a twat pinning everything on BP. BP is a big source of tax revenue for us ,they help pay for our schools and hospitals. We are playing the role of Obama's bitch.
  • MrRobin
    No they didn't change their name to Beyond Petroleum! The name is just "BP" it's not an abbreviation, that's the full name.
  • Nobby
    Beyond Petroleum was just a slogan, like Life's Good for LG.
  • -]
    It may have been a transocean mistake, but they were employed to do the job by BP, and as such BP are ultimately responsible.
  • Junkyard
    But who employed BP to do the job? Effectively it was the shareholders. Who's ultimately responsible for the shareholders though? Your mom.

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