COMPETITION TIME* - How much to park in a Southwark Council car park?

To win some amazing prize or something, simply answer this question: how much does it cost - per hour, when paying by cash - to use a car park operated by Southwark Council? Answer on a postcard to avid Bitterwallet Darren who submitted this canny snap:

Bitterwallet - Southwark Parking pricing costs

* not really a competition, obviously


  • Rich
    Surely the £2.70 one would be by Card.
  • Pedant
    Surely it depends on what time of day & the day of the week?
  • EddieO
    Depends on what phase the moon is in at the time I would guess!
  • lew
    2 bummed foxes and half a denari, unless it's a bank holiday
  • Nick T.
    I WIN! It's £2.40. Ish.
  • Skymarshall
    Smash up both the pay machines and it's free..
  • Bitterwallet
    The correct answer is that you're all gay and this is boring
  • Loafer1946
    So if the machines are knackered and you dont have a mobile bugger off and park somewhere else.
  • Kevin
    It says Parking Zone - L, that obviously means something else we're not seeing

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