COMPETITION! Design the new Bitterwallet magazine!

Picture 2No, we're not really launching a Bitterwallet magazine. But for the sake of this competition, use your imagination to pretend we are.

See, during a recent jaunt through the magazine section of WH Smith, we were both delighted and inspired to see MSE's Martin Lewis staring us in the eye and offering no end of miracle cures to our financial woes:

Bitterwallet - Martin Lewis magazine

It got us thinking - what if Bitterwallet had a similar publication on the shelves of the newsagents? What would it look like? What would be on the cover? What would be the big stories?

So over to you. We'd like you to apply your ten-thumbed Photoshop skills to designing the cover of our first issue. We've a non-specific number of Amazon certificates of undetermined value to give to the best entries - it's a competition with prizes, but don't go ordering a yacht or anything. Send your efforts to [email protected] by 5pm next Thursday. Fanks!


  • wonky h.
    Doesn't contain enough foxes for my tastes. Needs more foxes.
  • The B.
    @Wonky, how would you read it if all the pages were stuck together?
  • Dick
    What is the price of that mag? Martin Lewis's secret tips are not secret, as they are online. First tip - don't buy shitty magazines when the information is available free online.
  • PokeHerPete
    Does it have to be shopped or can it be a sketch or canvas painting?
  • Paul S.
    Sketches, charcoal drawings, oil paintings and similar are all allowed. So long as it's not a finger painting in faeces. Have to draw the line somewhere.
  • Chris
    Any chance you can put the logo up somewhere for us to download and incorporate into the mag?
  • Alex
    Why do 362 money saving tips ? Why not do 365 - one for every day of the year. Seems an odd number and a missed opportunity for a gimmick.
  • james D.
    @Alex there are 365 but only 362 of them are amazing.
  • Haggis1984
    #363 - Cut down on porn costs by becoming a rapist #364 - Save money on food by catching aids. Nothing kills your appetite like HIV. #365 - I good old fashioned riot and loot.
  • Sawyer
    I had a flick through the MSE mag the other day, but it's mostly what you'd find in other publications which aren't about money-saving. Things like how to configure a free antivirus program. To be fair, at least the articles aren't ripped straight from the site.
  • andy y.
    It would be be 100 pages of WTF IS DIS REAL and fox based innuendo
  • Zleet
    Centre spread of all the Bitterwallet team nude with strategically placed Apple products as fifty percent of the articles on this site now seem to be tech based but with tenuous links about how amazing the Ipad is. I half expect some of the staff on here spend their 'special private time' red faced and grunting Ipad in hand but with nothing on the screen as it's iOS getting them steamed up, either that or a picture of Steve Jobs with his Iphone out.
  • Duncan N.
    Can I make a video entry that gives the *impression* of a cover, through the medium of Modern Interpretive Dance?

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