COMPETITION - can you guess what it is yet?

Bitterwallet - what is it?
What fresh hell is this, then? Take a moment or two to stretch your synapses and consider what you're looking at. Perfume? Romulan ale? Anti-freeze? A couple of packets of soy sauce? It could be any of these things, but it's more likely to be none of them.

Take a guess in the comments below, and we'll reveal the answer later in the day. Every right answer receives a prize, and that prize is one of our heartfelt gratitude and thanks. And maybe a reacharound.


  • Rich
    Suppositories and Colonic irrigation fluid?
  • Jonny S.
    A new type of fleshlight?
  • PaganWolf
    It's a fire extinguisher.
  • Brad
    Ear Wax Cleaner.
  • Tool
    Fire extinguisher.
  • Wolfy
    Is it a fox?
  • Phil
    Fire extinguishing grenade!
  • Mark
    Anal douche?
  • Craig
    The blue bottle is a fire extinguishing grenade, the red packets are for putting out pan fires. Very cool but quite expensive to buy.
  • Allan K.
    Fire Blanket?
  • Rodney R.
    *hand not included.
  • millest
    comedy fire extinguisher! failing that its a curry relief kit!
  • kenny
    soda drink =D
  • Birdyboyuk
    Its Blue WKD and some jonnies for afterwards!
  • Dunky
    Domestic fire extinguisher
  • Andrew(abooth202)
    My guess is some sort of portable water filtration gadget?
  • Helen
  • Alex
    The sachets put out pan fires, you throw the blue one like a grenade at a fire. Here is a pic of them in action
  • Jennifer
    It's a fire extinguisher.

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