Compensation claims stand up for sitting on 'toxic sofas'

Remember us telling you about people buying sofas and getting rashes and burned because they were all toxic and that? Well, those who unwisely expected sitting down to be a harmless and safe activity went to the courts and won free money.

A court has sanctioned £1,800 payouts to 408 claimants in a multimillion-pound compensation battle over "toxic sofas".

The claimants, which - for the good of a story trying to tug at your non-existent heartstrings - included 55 children, all suffered skin complaints caused by dimethyl fumarate (DMF) contained in the leather sofas they'd bought.

High Street chains agreed to pay £20m in total to those who had received chemical burns and this initial agreement meant that 1,650 people will receive between £1,175 and £9,000 each, depending on the severity of their hideous toxic injuries.

Argos, Land of Leather and Walmsleys have all admitted liability and presumably won't be using the Chinese company who provided the couches in a hurry. The EU has banned the use of DMF after customers in at least five European countries suffered burns and breathing problems.

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