Commonwealth Games phone rip-off

glasgow2014 A big sporting event accused of ripping people off? That's hardly news, but the Commonwealth Games, all set for Glasgow, has been an all-out farce for people trying to get tickets.

Bosses of the event are closing the ticket website and phonelines from 6pm thanks to the kind of fiasco that defies belief. Not only that, it is a very expensive cock-up for a lot of people.

Ticketmaster - who would've ever predicted they would feature in this? - have been told to shut down their service until everything is resolved and the chief executive of Glasgow 2014 has apologised after fans faced preposterous delays.

Some people had been waiting for 30 hours to try and get through, which is a bit mental... but each to their own. However, the story here is that customers were being directed to Facebook and Twitter, where they were given a ticket hotline to use, which ended up rinsing everyone for calls that didn't go through.

One BW reader told us that they "now have a £115 bill for phone calls that were never even connected!" and another said: "BT have called me today to say that although calls to the ticket line did not seem to connect, each call is being charged at 16p, and that although we never got through, never got a ring tone, and never spoke to anyone, our bill for attempting to get tickets via that route is £60. I will be of course writing to the organizing committee to ask for a REFUND of this amount as it is simply another aspect of the fiasco of the last few days."

Another reader said: "Just got a call from BT to say we have been charged by ticketmaster for all 348 failed calls to ticket line! The phone didn't even ring!"

Customers, unaware of the charge, are now facing big bills and some have found restrictions placed on their accounts. Whatever you do, DON'T use the 0844 number that has been advertised. That's because every time you press the redial button, you get charged, whether the call has connected or not.


  • Kevin
    Ticketmaster keeps getting used as they are one of very few companies who have a big system for booking tickets. It is impossible to have a system big enough to deal with things like this as there is always going to be more demand than supply (of lines) but they are the best companies can use sadly. Only way to get over it is to do a lucky dip where everyone says they want to get a ticket, people are randomly picked out and leave it at that. But who would want that? Interesting about the 0844 number!
  • Skymarshall
    When you don't get through say..... 10 times.. What possesses you to phone another 338 times?
  • I R.
    So the Scots think they can run a country on their own, when they can't organise a school sports day. ROFL
  • LD
    So the Scots think they can run a country on their own, when they can’t organise a school sports day. ROFL Ya Tube TalkTalk Headquarters: London <<<---------
  • Jon
    This is "business as usual" as far as Ticketmaster are concerned: See: This has been going on for years.

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