Commercial Break: Zoe Ball

Bet when you woke up this morning (after having that dream about your old school caretaker and the yoghurt), you didn’t think you’d get to see the world’s largest zoetrope in action did you?

Well just clickity-click-click on the vid below and you will. With AC Milan’s Kaka inside it, showing off his fancy footwork and the skills that made Manchester City offer a bag of tenners the size of a giant whale in exchange for his services.

It’s all part of a new Sony Bravia campaign, launched last night and apparently, ‘The device was the perfect way to demonstrate how Motionflow 200Hz technology present in Sony’s latest Bravia LCD TVs creates super smooth pictures. Motionflow eliminates the jerkiness which sometimes appears on standard TV sets. This is particularly useful when watching sport, for example to give optimum clarity when watching the flight of a football.’

Wow. Now, can someone slowly explain to us what the flip a zoetrope is?


  • Joff
    Zoe Ball "opened" the Peterborough Virgin Megastore and look what happened to them. Not that I blame her, she's lovely, but still... it can't be a coincidence cant it?
  • Chris H.
  • Furry
    How on earth can you not know what a zoetrope is?
  • Ian
    A zoetrope is a device popular in Victorian times which gives the illusion of a single moving image using several static images viewed through slits in a rotating cylinder. What's a Sony Bravia?
  • Dan
  • Martin
    > With AC Milan’s Kaka inside it ... He's not actually inside it. It's just like Eastenders. Those little people are not actually in the TV.
  • Commercial B.
    [...] yesterday’s zoetrope-flavoured offering, my intelligence was called into question, in particular on my assertion that the people inside the [...]

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