Commercial Break: Yum yum, we'll have some of that

Bitterwallet’s former work experience berk Maths Mike just called in to see us in our underground HQ after spending a month ‘hanging’ in New York City.

As a result, he now wears his trousers inside out, has a false moustache glued to his forehead and he says that everything is “like, so totally pointy.” No, us neither.

The one useful thing he told us was about an ad he’d seen (presumably through a shop window) for an NYC deli he claims to have frequented called The Pump. Once his speech had slowed down to a comprehensible level, he explained that it was a funny parody of all those other ads for disgusting, unhealthy foodstuffs that litter the airwaves these days.

You know what though – the shitty stuff looked delicious and we’ve got no idea whatsoever about what they do or sell in the aforementioned establishment. In summary then…

The Pump – their ad makes us mad for bad, bad food.

Maths Mike – if he comes round here ever again we’ll probably shoot him.

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