Commercial Break: Your proto-Muppet ultraviolence is here

Back in 1957, a young Jim Henson got a gig making adverts for Wilkins coffee. He used the opportunity to hone his puppetry skills, using what are obviously prototype versions of what went on to become the Muppets. Here is a compilation of that early work. Hmm, strokes chin, very interesting.

What Henson also did was fill the ads with lashings of violence. Clubs, guns, bombs and guillotines are used with extreme prejudice against the Wilkins non-believer. It’s magnificent stuff and we were LOLing and ROFLing by the end of the second ad.

In one case, the phrase: “You know, people who don’t like Wilkins coffee just blow up sometimes” seems to be have been invented purely so that Henson can put a bomb under one of the characters. He’d never get away with it these days, health and safety, blah blah, won’t someone think about the children, blah blah blah...

[Super Punch via Boing Boing]


  • numberwang
    lol, If they did this today. "buy the new i-phone..... OR DIE!!!"
  • louiejoe
    Those ads for Wilkins coffee were quite amusing.

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