Commercial Break: You'll like this... no you won't

Here’s Paul Daniels, his career already in a tailspin that’s only slightly more dramatic than that of Liverpool FC this season, done up like a helium-fuelled goblin and plugging the services of cash-for-mobile company Mazuma.

Assisted as ever by The Lovely Debbie McGee, Daniels hams his way through a script that drops in the magical amount of £150 even though that’s the toppermost amount you’ll receive from trading your phone in with Mazuma. You can speculate among yourselves as to what type of handset you’d need to bung into the bag in order to nab yourself that much cash.

We hope Paul and Debbie got more than £150 for their efforts here as their old Saturday night shows were by no means worse than the shite gameshows BBC1 churn out in an attempt to make the Lotto draw seem like more than some coloured balls falling out of a piece of a transparent piece of hospital equipment.


  • Mark M.
    I got £112 for my Nokia N95 when I upgraded my phone. No hassles, or having to deal with the shower-dodging CEX staff and the "Oh, see that thumbprint there, that makes it C grade, you know" attitude That said, Paul Daniels is satan and his missus scares me
  • milky
    ..christ debbie's looking old thanks to the orangey film glow, saw this last night, looks like the whole ad was spray tanned in B&Q orange
  • Adam
    Much better websites than Mazuma, especailly the way they shoddly treat their customers by declaring something non working when clearly it is. Rubbish they are.
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay
    £112 for your Nokia N95, and you think you got a great deal? Jesus, some people are such spastics.
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGayWhyDoesSexualPreferenceMatterAnyway?
    An N95 used on ebay is going to fetch under £100 in most cases, unless you've got a load of secret expensively paid for official Nokia accessories! I got £122 for my N95-8GB in cash, but you can also get argos voucher, £133 in my case. This wasn't with mazuma though, but another large competitor. I paid less than that sum for the phone already used, so I was quids in. Why do you think the four year old N95 deserves more than £112 though? It's an old phone, and ebay is usually a good guide as to used prices of phones. If your'e smart, you'll use a smartphone for work purposes provided by your company, and pick up a Nokia 6100 off ebay for £5 - it's a phone from 2003 but it's fantastic, amazing battery life, and pretty basic functions, with a few hidden good extras!

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