Commercial Break: Yell remake reminds why we all use Google and that

This isn’t good. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that JR Hartley would be spinning in his grave – if he wasn’t a fictional character that is.

It’s a reimagining of the classic Yellow Pages ad where bewildered old made-up duffer Hartley spent most of what was left of his long life ringing around book shops trying to track down a copy of the book he’d written about Fly Fishing that no one gave a flying shite about any longer.

Despite all that, there was a charm to the JR Hartley ads, and they became ingrained on the national consciousness. We predict that WON’T happen with the new version (for Yell) where a nervous, slightly skittish former DJ/producer, Day V Lately (no, us neither), almost wears his shoes to dust while wandering around and trying to track down a trance remix single he did in 1992. Thankfully, his teenage daughter saves the day before he gets the chance to hang himself in his garage.

His name? It’s I.M.A Wanker. It’s not of course.


  • Nob
    He should have used piratebay.
  • Phil
    Why would you want to let your daughter know how badly your music failed? Also why not just google?
  • Stomm
    So basically he spent the entire advert trying to find his own track? He deserves all he gets. I find it funny that even though they've marketed this for people that aren't techy enough to use Google to find something. He still had to rely on his daughter to get a yell app on her iphone. That's not going to pull the punters in "Can't find shit yourself? Ask someone who can use a PC, then they can laugh at you." Incidentally did anyone else think he was going to say "French polishers? it's just possible you could save my life." @00:46
  • qwertyuiop
    Begs the question how old this fictional character was when he had this kid, she looks 10 years younger than him at most. Yet another pointless advert trying to sell shit based on poor humor, just like that stupid dog one where it does all that shit like driving kids home from school or pretending to clean a window while some girl is getting changed and then by the end of the ad it transpires that it's trying to advertise something a million light years off the mark.
  • xjpop
    More importantly, where did he find all those record shops? He must travelled hundreds of miles in a a day to visit them. I haven;t seen a record shop like any of those for a lot of years.
  • Zleet
    Do people in record shops have photographic memories of all stock or something? Half the people he asked just went 'never heard of it' without actually bothering to look.
  • Dilbert 4.
    Hey xjpop, if you use you might find those record shops too. Google is great for looking for porn, and cheating at quizes, not so great for finding the local things in life...
  • Big L.
    This is the best advert for years. Yell app is a fantastic free searching tool, I use it every day. Yell have progressed into the digital age and will be massive soon.
  • Mr P.
    oh christ, what a gormless oaf. Yet he has a daughter? That's worrying. It's an awful advert, it really is. Dav V Lately comes across as if he's a had a few too mmany sweeties while listening to his trance music.
  • phil
    It was Shite!! A poor remake of a classic advert!!. Even the girl doesn`t believe him. Jog On Dav V Lately!.

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