Commercial Break: Woof! Suave manimal pitches new Sims game

Is there any finer feast for the eyes and ears than a humanised domestic animal? Obviously not. Well, maybe except for porn and the music of the Goombay Dance Band.

Anyhoo, here’s an ad for the new Sims game, in which you can apparently play as an animal for the first time. Cue the appearance of Trevor Mountleg, a dismally-named man/dog hybrid who is here to plug the game. Why not see how many actually human beings you can think of in 30 seconds who you’d happily see die so that Mountleg and his type could live in the real world. We came up with 78.


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  • Dick
    So do foxes count as pets? At least in the pets version you don't need to download add-ons to get the bitches naked.

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