Commercial Break: Wonder if it's just their skin that's yellow...

A film trailer is a kind of advert right? Even if it’s one for a porn film? Good, we’re okay with today’s offering then.

There’s no easy way of breaking this to you, no soft sell, so let’s just throw it out there. It’s a live-action porno remake of The Simpsons. Yes, there’s been scores of mucky parodies of famous films and TV shows and we’re amazed that it’s taken this long for this to happen, but there it is.

While we like the look of Marge and are impressed by the high production values (always important), the presence of Ned Flanders is never going to be a turn-on for anyone is it? Tread carefully dear readers, once you’ve watched this (fairly SFW BTW) you’ll never be able to un-see it…


  • Pedant
  • wonky h.
    It's quite shocking that I recognise most of the actors.
  • Paul C.
    I'd stick one in that Marge. She's pretty trim.

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