Commercial Break: Witch idiot came up with this?

We caught this ad last night while slowly drinking ourselves into a mild stupour as a diversion from the godawful England performance in Spain.

It’s an inexplicable and largely crappy piece featuring the wicked witch of the west who hangs around with some anonymous girl in the cinema. A rotten attempt at humour (and we should know.)

Watching it led us to try and come up with a decent slogan for it – the best we could muster was ‘Associate with witches? Take ‘em to the pictures!’ but you lot can almost certainly do better. Your own weight in invisible reggae singles to be won for the author of the best effort…


  • Robin
    "I'll get you my pretty, and your little ad too!"
  • Dominic P.
    I actually thought the advert was quite original and humerous, most people seem to agree with me. Take a look at some sentiment on Twitter around the advert:
  • jaysexy212005
    I saw that ad. A strange ad.
  • Christopher
    yeah, i liked it. leave the hot girl alone. and i don't mean the green one.
  • Biffo B.
    Orange Wednesday Cinema Tickets - Your friends will be green with envy.
  • Andy D.
    It's a fourth-rate Big Train sketch. That is all.
  • mr e.
    Reminded me of the Mrs.......
  • Kevan
    "Remember little girl, don't do drugs or you'll end up as pretty as me" ;-) Haven't seen the ad so don't know what it was about really... Football? What's that then?
  • Netizen
    Meh, it's another weird and pointless ad whose only goal is to make people talk about it being weird and pointless. Better than most though cos it actually ends with a straightforward description of the offer.
  • flamingcarrot
    Not a bad ad at all - not great, but not bad (or newsworthy for that matter!)
  • Aidan
    I liked this Ad too! Thought it was quite funny. This blog is always out of step with what most people's opinions actually are. Still good to read though.
  • badmanz
    ‘Associate with witches? Take ‘em to the pictures!’ Seriously, the best you can come up with?
  • JJ
    I liked it myself, as for an attempt or two... "Orange Wednesdays: They'll Put A Spell On You"; "Celebrate The Magic Of The Movies With Orange Wednesdays"; "Orange Wednesdays: Flying Monkey Tennis?"; "Be Orange And Envied"; "Orange Wednesdays: Don't Be Wicked"; "Follow The Orange Tix Road"; "Orange Wednesdays: You Won't Want To Go Home"; "RUBY RUBY RUBY RUBY! Slippers..."; "There's Nothing Like Goin'"; "Use Orange Or We'll Make Your Feet Go All Curly, MWUAHAHAHA!". Ignore The Man Behind The Curtain, Enjoy The Film!". I think I've successfully come up with a few stinkers there, can anyone do any worse?
  • Man
  • Martin
    It's so they can put orange stickers on all the posters for "Wicked" in the underground to get free advertising.
  • Cam
    lol, why are BW writers always so pessimisitic? On an unrelatled topic, it is this kind of pessimisitic view that gets the media into trouble, e.g. current economic "crisis".
  • Jose
    Cam: > lol, why are BW writers always so pessimisitic? I agree. Why are BW writers so negative all the time? I've kinda stopped reading BW because the whole tone of the site is so cynical and negative. It was funny at first, but got tiresome after a few days. In fact, as a country, why are we so negative?
  • Wurzel
    Personally I preferred the Orange Gold spot campaign. This isn't even vaguely humourous, and has the jolly atmosphere of one of those preachy governmental NHS / Stop Smoking/ Don't Eat Lard / Benefit Fraud ads...
  • Exactly
    Orange Wednesdays - Which friend will you take? Orange Wednesdays - make your other friends green with envy Orange Wednesdays - do we have to spell it out?

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