Commercial Break: Willy looks cute but he's a cartoon killer

There’s never a bad time for catching up with the antics of a globetrotting cartoon penis, so let’s do that right now. He’s French, he’s called Willy and he’s been absolutely everywhere! Just look at his passport!

Sadly, he also has AIDS and it seems that he’s left a trail of HIV-flavoured destruction pretty much everywhere. So the message is that if a cute cartoon cock tries to find temporary accommodation somewhere within your body, pull down the shutters and say ‘No room at the inn matey boy.’

It’s bad news for all those AIDS-free animated schlongs, but if it saves just one life then it’s been worthwhile…


  • Pepe P.
    "but if it saves just one life then it’s been worthwhile…" Even if it's French?
  • Darren
    @Pepe Le Peu French people do not have lives.... so no...

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