Commercial Break: Why we shouldn't mess the cosmic order of things to sell juice...

We all know that toast lands butter side down when you drop it. We also know that cats always land on their paws when you drop them. These facts are set in stone and cannot be tampered with – nor should we try and tamper with them.

Sadly, no one told the good people behind the Flying Horse energy drink and their new advert sets out to see what will happen if buttered toast is strapped to the back of a cat. It can’t end well, can it? CAN IT…??


  • Shaniaa
  • bob
    fucking brilliant
  • Mr L.
    I wonder how Terry Pratchett would feel about having his material stolen for advertising purposes?
  • Terry P.
    I'm cool with it... cool with what ? sorry what was the question again ?
  • Darren
    putting cats in washing machines, very responsible....
  • Rob
    Just got Eon at the front door. They say they can do 'cat-toast' energy 20% cheaper than British Gas. Is this true?
  • British G.
    @Rob Is it bollocks.

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