Commercial Break: Whoopi's got a wee problem

It’s early in the day but is it too early to see Whoopi Goldberg appearing in the guises of various historical figures, each of whom openly confess to having wet themselves? It isn’t? Great.

Yes, Whoopi has made eight adverts for Poise, a leading brand of women’s piss pad and portrays the likes of Joan Of Arc, Cleopatra, Eve, and the Mona Lisa, all of them moaning about involuntary leaking. Nice.

Here’s Lady Godiva and the Princess And The ‘Pee’ for your delectation – all eight ads can be found here. You almost certainly won’t piss yourself laughing at them.


  • The B.
    Is the music by Slash?
  • Pedant
    Why does Lady Godiva sound like a Londoner?
  • AK
    Cor Blimey [email protected]
  • Nobby
    That's her English accent. Although around 1:10, she sounds a bit like Dame Edna.
  • Now B.
    [...] with our piece on Whoopi Goldeberg’s incontinence and the alarming foetus necklace, we’re all about women’s Special Areas today. And here’s [...]

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