Commercial Break: Who thought pies could ever be irritating?

Annoying the living daylights out of your potential customers seems to be the in thing in advertising at the moment. We’re thinking specifically about We Buy Any Car, Go Compare and Funky Pigeon and as we do, the blood pressure is beginning to rise.

Now we’ve got the latest addition to the unwelcome genre – Pukka Pies. But this is no ordinary pie, for this is their microwaveable pie. And what noise does a microwave make when it’s finished with its business? That’ll be a ‘ding’ – and so we’re ‘treated’ to the sound of 1970 top ten hit Gimme Dat Ding as Pukka attempt to flog their instant savoury wonders.

Gimme dat frigging paraffin more like...


  • iphone u.
    that has seriously stopped me from buying there (fortified with fuck dust) hammed offal and mechanically reclaimed meat in hydrogenated veg oil pre-packaged bleached flour shit!
  • iphone u.
    seriously though you might get better sustenance super glueing your mouth to your arse
  • iphone u.
    what did rappy say? nom nom lmfao
  • Rihanna
    Yeah, but their old poster campaigns were pretty ace....!
  • Andrew C.

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