Commercial Break: Which is best, an ox or a rat? There's only one way to settle it... fight!

In the USA, the political advert is an art form in itself. Democrats and Republicans use their ads to childishly trade insults with one another in an arena that makes the mud-slinging in the UK’s party political broadcasts look like a mild disagreement during tea at the Savoy.

Of course, they’re often low-budget affairs but if you only had the budget to make an ad that looked like a 20-year-old adventure game on the Atari ST, you might be inclined to stop, think for a minute and then not bother.

Not so if you’re Republican John Oxendine. Like the ox that he casts himself as in his ad, he just blundered ahead and got on with the job. Without giving a single thought to the possibility that the people of his hometown state of Georgia might think he’d completely lost his fucking mind.

Here, he tears apart the record of former Democratic governer Roy ‘The Rat’ Barnes, culminating in a piss-poor animated showdown between the ox and the giant rat. It’s disturbing stuff, and the unexpected appearance of a cartoon Ronald Reagan doesn’t do anything to put the viewer at ease either…



  • Deepz
    In Chinese Astrology... the Rat was clever. To get across the river , it jumped on the Ox's back (which was the best swimmer) then jumped off it to reach land before the Ox itself. Thats why the Rat is the first sign, then the Ox... then the other animals in order that they got across the river. I think the Pig was last.
  • MickeyB
  • goon
    the rat was a lazy freeloading fucker then, not clever. if it was clever it would have built a boat with a powerful mercedes motor on the back
  • Paul N.
    I think the little puppy that floats by above the ox is pretty disturbing too. Maybe there was a liberal puppy vs values ox in an earlier clip?

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