Commercial Break: When harmless clowning leads to a terrible tragident

Clowns – they’re an odd lot aren’t they readers? Designed to entertain, if young children are exposed to them at too tender an age, they’ll be saddled with a lifelong fear of the skittish, painty-faced, horn-honking bastards.

Life isn’t easy for the clowns either as heath and safety gets a tighter grip on everything we do, say and think. In this WalMart ad, a hapless father has taken it upon himself to be the clown at his kid’s birthday party, but without carrying out a full risk assessment in advance.

The result is a living nightmare – the clown ends up in agony and the kids all flee the scene, their poor tiny minds shattered beyond repair and unable to even look at a circus tent for the remainder of their lives. So sad…

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  • Junkyard
    "skittish, painty-faced, horn-honking bastards" This is quite possibly the most awesome description ever to have been transmitted via the interwebs.

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