Commercial Break: Wheelchair wonder runs rings around England stars

It might have been a crafty attempt to lure their World Cup opponents into a false sense of security, but England said goodbye to this fair isle last night with a performance that was more disjointed than Wembley’s much-maligned patchwork pitch.

The highlight of the evening was probably the TV debut of the latest Nationwide ad starring Little Britain’s Lou & Andy, Fabio Capello (demonstrating some very sharp comic timing) and a few bewildered-looking England players.

Hopefully the players won’t have the same gormless expressions on their faces if and when they face Slovenia in what could be a qualification-decider. Unless you’re Scottish, Irish or Welsh – in which case, fuck ‘em eh?


  • Alexis
    Yeah we've seen it a million times, but it's still pretty funny :-) Good to see Peter Kay's No-Nonsense ads back too!
  • Happy C.
    shame he nicked the joke from Adam and Jo
  • The B.
    "Unless you’re Scottish, Irish or Welsh" Or indeed care as much for football as treading in dog mess.
  • Nobby
    I thought Capelo was against things like this, with no distractions from the game. That was the reason given for no official World Cup song this year.
  • bwah h.

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