Commercial Break: What's the magic ingredient in the Chocolate Spoonsize?

According to some half-baked research that we just did, there’s no advert that’s capturing the imaginations of hyperactive seven-year-old girls at the moment than this one.

It’s the new Weetabix Chocolate Spoonsize ad, and the sugary breakfast snacks clearly contain enough good/bad stuff to turn an ordinary kid into an expert street/bedroom dancer, while provoking a powerful halluncination that makes her imagine her teddy bear collection joining in with a routine that ends in tragedy.

Show it to your own hyperactive seven-year-old girl and then lock her in her bedroom with a bowl of the Chocolate Spoonsize. Report back to us with your findings.


  • Paul G.
    So, it's like crack for 7 year olds? I like 7 year old crack.
  • Expendable B.
    So why are her mates sitting on her floor watching her eat Weetabix?
  • Paul C.
    When dubstep starts to be used in adverts with children and weetabix in it - you know it's time for you to start listening to something else....
  • Dick
    Why the fuck has she got a blue bedroom. She's a girl, not a boy. No doubt she injects testosterone too.
  • Mark C.
    Not to mention, why does she own about a dozen identical teddy bears?

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