Commercial Break: We won't blame you for chickening out of watching this one

Vegetarians, look away now. Vegans, look away now. The squeamish, look away now. Rabid haters of Communist propaganda, look away now. Those with an abject fear of seeing raw chicken meat being pumped out of a mincer like something out of Pink Floyd’s ‘Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)’ video, look away now.

If there are any of you still reading this, feast your eyes on this mid-1980s Soviet Union ad, for a chicken-mincing organisation in Estonia. See the women grow increasingly deranged as the various minced chicken dishes flood their heads and hearts. Is that last one baked in clay?? Mmm, perhaps it is.

Then find yourself returning to the ad again and again as you try to commit its complicated yet hypnotic melody to your memory. It truly is a feat that probably cannot be achieved by a mere human. Perhaps Bjork will cover it as her next single.

Jesus, pity those poor people and their minced chicken-based dinners. But is it REALLY any worse than the Americans and their 'chicken in a can'? See, the folks on both sides of the Cold War weren't that different after all...


  • Ben
    That is genuinely hypnotic! Which is fortunate, as if I hadn't been entranced I may well have been conscious enough to throw up.
  • Bullet
    Chicken in a can is worse, majority of us eat reformed chicken or meat without knowing it, well if you dont read the ingredients you do.
  • Amanda H.
    Is the blu-ray version available yet? Hopefully it will have the directors cut too.
  • Dell
    Actually it is Estonian, more than Soviet.

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