Commercial Break: Viral Of The Year?

Yesterday, we shamefacedly brought you the worst viral ad ever. Today, to try and help take the nasty taste away, we’re bringing you the best. Well, according to the experts at Campaign magazine anyway.

In it, Pot Noodle take the Guinness ‘Tipping Point’ ad and relocate it to a South London housing estate with devastating consequences. Fag packets, mobile phones, fridges, chairs and tyres topple and tumble their way around – and extra points for use of the word “feckin’” right at the end.

Bitterwallet’s favourite is still Diesel’s SFW XXX viral, but then that’s because we’re a mucky bunch of pups, innit?

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  • Mike H.
    What's this about me not being invited to the BW Chrimbo piss up? What am I supposed to do with the 6 pole dancers I've got now? Nevermind, should be a good night in, pass the Drambuie Tina, blimey, didn't think you could fit that in there...

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