Commercial Break: Vinnie Jones and the death-defying disco moves

Remember the homemade ad for the flu jab cobbled together by some embarrassed doctors that we showed you last week? Exactly – you’ve forced yourself to wipe it from your memory haven’t you?

Well, here’s a more professionally-made public service ad that could also save lives, from the British Heart Foundation. It stars Vinnie Jones, playing a rugged tough (in a huge departure for him) and he shows us all how to do hands-free CPR, ironically to the tune of Stayin’ Alive.

To be honest, we prefer the American version (under Vinnie’s one). Hard to put a finger on why...


  • heywood j.
    Both exceptionally close videos that are close to my heart. The second one didn't help though, have you ever dialled 911 in the UK ?
  • Jax
    Hands free CPR Andy? I am pretty sure the success rate for that would be pretty damn low!

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