Commercial Break: Twix facing up to reality of disability

In this Brazilian avert it’s the age-old story – deformed boy meets beautiful girl. They’re very much in love and are enjoying a romantic date together. She doesn’t seem to mind the fact that his face looks like a pair of tights filled with mashed chicken giblets and hey, that’s great.

But what’s this? They’re cosying up together on the beach, enjoying a Twix, but he suddenly has to flee! What’s the story cheeky chops? Turns out he’s ‘invented a pause,’ which must be the Twix equivalent of ‘Have a break, have a KitKat.’

Then it’s back to work for him and we learn the real reason why he looks like a Picasso cartoon. Brazilian ads – not all that far behind the Japanese in the deranged stakes it seems…


  • Rob
    Gary Neville invented the pause ....
  • Brian
    Hi, Brian here. This advert looked very scary and manipulative of people with deranged & ugly faces. BUT IT TURNED OUT ok IN THE END.

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