Commercial Break: Twat's Life

We’re not often lost for words, but this new Dutch ad, for female hygiene brand Lactacyd has got us all gobsmacked.

It whizzes through a day in the life of a vagina, and according to Elisa Beenakker, a creative at Grey Amsterdam, it, "takes Lactacyd from feeling like a medical product to feeling like an essential part of a woman's personal care routine.

"It's unapologetic and instead unashamedly confident and energetic in the way women today are." Unfortunately, the growler in the ad doesn’t have a voice. Which brings us to pose the question, “If a lady’s area could talk, who would it sound like?”

We reckon it would be Barbara Windsor. Feel free to add your own thoughts…


  • SJT
    ugh! That's horrible....
  • Ratboy
    I is so turned on after dat
  • andy y.
    You can see her pussy
  • Adam
    No need for this language when the story is named and linked to from a family website (hence why HUKD blocks swearwords). Please edit the title.
  • Roflcopter
    LOL tasty
  • Mike H.
    Whats funny about "Female genitalia's life" Adam? Twat's rhymes with That's, haven't you seen what Andy's done there? My family and I find it rather funny, how we laughed over a game of scrabble around the fire.
  • Mike H.
    I've just made a docucock - a day in the life of my penis derek. Can you please give me the vaginas contact details so we can hook up. The tiny camera (as seen on HDUK) I have secreted in my japs eye should give great come shots when I am banging her senseless or she's blowing me off ;)

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