Commercial Break: Tragic Kingdom More Like...

15 December 2008

Walt Disney died on this day back in 1966 but it wasn’t until five years later in 1971 that Walt Disney World opened in Florida – here’s an ad for it from that year.

Jesus, look at it! For the first two thirds of it, it’s a living nightmare. Terrifying music screeches as massive dwarfs scamper around a confused, bewildered young girl.

Meanwhile, a cocksure Robin Hood Peter Pan taunts her from the safety of a tree branch. “Can you fly-y-y-y-y-y-y?” Horrible little bastard.

And is that Orson Welles doing the less-than-child-friendly voiceover? It’s a wonder the place lasted until 1972 if they thought that was an acceptable piece of marketing.


  • Matt S.
    I think that was probably supposed to be Peter Pan not Robin Hood.
  • Andy D.
    Of course it is. And I'm an idiot.
  • Mike H.
    Thought it was Orson Welles, 1982? Big Brother is watching you and your blatently obvious mistakes that you attempt to hide by neatly crossing them out.
  • Mark M.
    I'm scared now...
  • Gerard S.
    I think I just soiled myself after watching that.. .How the hell am I meant to sleep tonight?!

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