Commercial Break: Torres Haircut Ad - Big Star, Tiny Budget

As the wheels start to come off Liverpool’s Premier League title charge, it looks as though striker Fernando Torres has forgotten that multi-million pound players are only supposed to star in slick ad campaigns.

Here’s Torres plugging a Spanish hair salon that we believe belongs to a friend of his. That can be the only explanation for fronting one of the shabbiest celeb ads we’ve ever seen. Nice haircut though mate.


  • gidz
    lol, saw this a while back on very funny indeed!
  • The B.
  • Paul
    No subtitles on mine, so I guess he's saying "I cant hit a barn door with a banjo, so I'm going into barbers, with my mum & dad". I still wish him all the luck in overcoming those arrogant idiots from Old Trafford.
  • Smay
    Arrogant Idiots from Old Trafford - Wouldnt you be arrogant if you were the best team in the world !
  • Paul
    Ha ha spoken like a true scummer - Scum Ronaldo and his snarling 1-0 89min specialist mates are just about to blow the league
  • Smay
    Yeah Yeah, we'll see mate!
  • Commercial B.
    [...] couple of weeks ago we sneered and pointed at a crappy ad for a small town hairdressing salon in Spain that was supposedly owned by a friend [...]
  • Jim
    I love the ad and it probably doesn't look out of place on Spanish TV. Sick of the usual bullshitting marketing filth in the UK.
  • Torressuperad
    Quality, Appropriate ad for the target market. Great to see a pro doin a down to earth commercial, and not pretending - Best bit is the beginning. Get off his back - you would'nt see ronaldo - rooney appear that genuine in a any commercial. too down to earth for them, and proves what a real guy Torres is

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