Commercial Break: Tomorrow's forecast - a life of horror

The full details about this one are scarce but it’s an appeal on behalf of an unnamed third world charity sometime from the 1970s and 1980s. And as this feature is called Commercial Break, that’s more than good enough for us!

It’s a weather forecaster who at first predicts sunshine, until her alter-ego appears and predicts... doom! Still not as frightening as Sian Lloyd mind you...


  • Noghar
    'If you get married in Africa, there's a good chance one of your children will die before the age of five'. That's rich, considering the USA comes 33rd in the world for >5 mortality rate - worse than Cuba...
  • AK
    Why does your tags include "bangladesh" but not "Africa"? Indiscriminate discrimination?
  • free w.
    I was actually a bit confused by all this, but thanks for taking the time to explain anyway. It was quite well written :)

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